After you have survived X days or killed X amount of players without dying, your body glows

Imagine that, wouldn’t it be perfect? The guy who has been farming newspawns and killed maybe 20 in a row without dying, or the guy who has survived 5 days without dying, his body begins to glow in the night making him much easier to find.

Consider it like a bounty: the more problems you cause, the bigger the bounty is on your head, and the more people will rush to kill you–except, people do not get any reward other than your loot and your body when they kill you, if you have begun to glow.
And the glow effect should disappear immediately after you’ve died after obtaining it.

I think this is perfect. It helps slightly against spawn campers, slightly against cheaters who use wallhack and whatnot, slightly it works to balance the game out so big guys in groups cannot dominate little solo players.

Maybe as a mod, it would be cool, but not in vanilla! :

Glows? What exactly is supposed to be making people glow in the first place? I’m pretty sure if I went on a murderous rampage through my office building right now and got a 50 kill streak I wouldn’t suddenly start glowing.

Garry said he didn’t want that shit in there in the first place. He expressed distaste by saying that the games that give bad guys red hats or something annoyed him, and you should always be untrusting of players nonetheless. Just don’t give people too much benefit of the doubt or too little trust.

Unless you are a sociopath and if you are not used to killing people then your heart rate will be very high, you will very likely be nervous and so on and so forth - all things which will contribute to someone finding you or you making a mistake. And when Breivik did his rampage, as far as I’ve gathered from the reports, it also had a serious impact on him. Even, supposedly, prior to conducting the killing spree he ordered a prostitute to calm his nerves.

But why the heck would realism even be mentioned when it’s not even a part of the game? You can bash enemies multiple times in the head and they won’t die. You can super jump. You can move very quickly and indefinitely unlike in reality. You must eat more often. You can stay under water for longer, and so on and so forth. Rust is in no way realistic and it certainly is not a simulator.

This is something explicitly called out by garry as something he hates over a year ago. I really don’t see it happening.

Yeah Garry said he hated the system DayZ had for good/bad players and that you should fear everyone - so this is a definite no.

Why do we even need the consent of Garry? What has Garry even done for us? I say we go to his office and give him orders to make it or he gets the kick out of our office–after all, WE are the developers - as they say.

I wish this subforum had the Smarked rating so badly right now.

BlackScienceM, I never said the word realism, you did.

However, on that point, while Rust isn’t and doesn’t have to be realistic there is obviously a place for it in a sandbox survival like this.
Having to eat more often and being able to run for days is an extension of real life. Sure, things are exaggerated because it’s a video game but that doesn’t mean that all of the rules should be broken down instantaneously.

And still, you mention an increased heart rate and other side effects of a murderous rampage yet still those things do not make a person glow.

Aside from all of that (which is really all moot since the game is in early access and anything can change) Garry has already said that he doesn’t want a system like this in the game. People should be able to make their own choices on who to trust and who to kill. I don’t walk down the street and instantly know who has committed a crime, I have to decide for myself based on what I know about that person whether I will trust them or not.

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No we aren’t. Whoever told you this is a liar.

That liar should probably be glowing.

Sony Online Entertainment uses the slogan “We believe that you are the developer” regarding H1Z1 and its fans.
Of course, I am sure SOE is glowing from all the shekels it is stealing from its poor goyim consumers.

Of all the companies to use to support your argument you picked Sony?

Also, what’s with the derogatory term usage? You don’t even understand the derogatory term you’ve used… since a shekel is a Jewish currency and a goyim is specifically a NON-Jewish person.

I suppose I did miss a joke, but quite frankly, who actually expects a biblical joke to go over well on the internet? :zoid:

Way to miss the joke and not grasp the Biblical meaning of gentile (goyim/goy).

That’s SOE, and that’s their (shitty) business. Regardless, if you kick the devs out because they don’t accept your idea then nothing’s gonna get done.

What game were we talking about again?

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You know what, shame on SOE for making that fucking ridiculous statement, it puts it in people’s heads (as demonstrated above) that anyone can throw any idea out there and if the devs don’t implement it then they deserve to be fired. Seriously:

3d Modeller: “Oh hey, I’m almost done with the machine-gun that fires dildos that was suggested by analcunt98 on Reddit last week.”

Project Lead: “Didn’t you hear? Clitcommander44 said that’s a fucking stupid idea, it needs to fire flaming pocket pussies and be shaped like a hippogriff.”

3d Modeller: “sigh alright… well… they’re the developer, so I’ll get right on that.”

Maybe not glow… but something like being covered in blood splatter and dirt would be an interesting option.

I am pretty sure I saw an idea similar to this somewhere on this forum, but it was about having longer hair/beards the longer you manage to stay alive, which is honestly the better/more realistic version of this suggestion. I honestly think that glowing players would be too easy to spot, especially at night. It would be enough of a disadvantage that you would rather kill yourself regardless of the consequences of death unless they were extremely harsh. Beards would almost be like a trophy (hell you could kill someone and keep the beard on your wall XD)

not sure i even need to get involved here.

why on earth would we glow? i get why you want us to, but such artificial markings just seem silly. are we going to have different indicators for people who kill other players, people who have a friend around the corner, people who have been killed 50 times in a row and have no base? at this stage, recognize people who are killing everyone by their name in legacy, and hope that experimental will provide enough customization to make players recognizable before you get into range.

If this EVER was implemented I would kill myself… every 5 days… while standing safely next to my sleeping bag.