After zombies die, the headcrab stays.

When I kill a zombie and the headcrab goes off, it stays there. It doesn’t count as a prop/ragdoll (can’t use impulse 203, remover tool, or physgun), and it will not disappear unless I restart the map. Keep Corpses doesn’t matter because I tried it with it on and off, and it was the same. Any help?


kill the headcrab its supposed to do that :stuck_out_tongue: you should play hl2 some time, its a grat game and will teach you about what various npcs do whn you kill/damage them :stuck_out_tongue:

Read the post dumbass. He cant remove it or pick it up with physgun and IT DOESNT MOVE.

Lol U sound kinda stupid.

You could try the dismemberment mod, I think it allows you to pick up parts from a dead npc.

I don’t mean to flame, but don’t speak with stuff like ‘LOL’ or ‘U’ or ‘R’ or ‘XD’ and the such.

Anyway, the reason they stay there, is that its rare, but sometimes you can make blood stains float above the zombie’s head, thats because the headcrab is still there, just set to appear invisible. The headcrab you see fall off is owned by the ragdoll, which is not a player, so it cant be removed.