[Afterlife Battlefront] Oxide Mod|Door Sharing|PMing|1/2 Crafting|Active Admins *New Server*

[Afterlife Battlefront] Oxide Mod|Door Sharing|PMing|1/2 Crafting|Active Admins New Server As Of January 9th, 2014

**To Join The Server: ** Press F1, Type in or Copy/Paste net.connect

Server Info

Name: [Afterlife Battlefront]Oxide|Door Sharing|1/2 Craft|Active Mods


Slendy <- Just Click on the names and it’ll send you to our steam profiles


Hacking/Cheating/Duping/Glitching is not Tolerated
Admin abuse is not Tolerated (Message Slendy Via Steam in regards to Admin Abuse)

Server Features:

250 Slots
Oxide Mod (Door Sharing/Private Messaging + More)
Half Crafting
Responsible/Mature Admins
Events (Admins will Notify all the players in game)
Friendly to New Players
Teamspeak Coming Soon!

Always looking for ways to improve and upgrade, feel free to leave a suggestion either in a post down below or a message to the Admins! :slight_smile:


Door Sharing:

Allows multiple people to use each door instead of having a confusing system of doors.

/share “Player” - (Shares all doors with Specified Players)
/unshare “Player” - (UnShares all doors with Specified Players)

Private Messaging(PM):

Allows you to send private messages to players without everyone seeing in global chat

/pm “Player” - (Messages Specified Player)


Allows you to make a group for all you and your fellow players to play and chat in

/gcreate Name - (Create a group with this name)
/gdelete - (Delete a group)
/ginvite “Player” - (Invite a player to your group)
/gcancel - (Cancel the Invitation/Sender and Receiver can do it)
/gaccept - (Accept the invitation)
/gleave - (Leave your current group)
/g Message - (Sends group message)
/gwho - (Shows online group members)
/ghelp - (Group help commands)
/ginfo - (Shows the group name and member count)
/glist - (Shows a list of all groups names)


With all Oxide chat commands, names that include spaces must be enclosed by double quotes.
(Example 1: /share Player Name = Wrong /share “Player Name” = Correct)
(Example 2: /pm Player Name = Wrong /pm “Player Name” = Correct)

Come on in and spend some time :smiley:

Brand new server just waiting to be explored o:

we’ve got a few people in the server still playing. It’s still up if anyone wants to join

Server is back up and running with a few more things added


Server is up and running!

Few of us on it, feel free to join and let’s beat each other with rocks >:}



Server is up and I’ll be adding a new plugin that allows Questing tomorrow! Example: Kill 100 zombies Reward: 9mm Pistol