Half-Life 2 [Serious Roleplay]

[release]Welcome to, we are a new community looking for serious roleplayers to check out our new ‘Half-Life 2’ based server. The current script we use is ‘Tacoscript 2’ and very well made script for roleplaying.

Upon joining, if you do (?) you will be prompted to create a character; name, age, physical appearance and then your ready to go.[/release]

[release]Basic Commands:

!a – Admin only chat
/me – Character’s actions
/y – Yell
/w – Whisper
/r – Radio (only works if you have one)
/rw – Radio Whisper (only works if you have one)
[[ - Local OOC
// - Global OOC
/pm - Personal Message someone with their name after, example: /pm James
/givemoney – Must be looking at another player, example: /givemoney 200
/cr – Send a Combine Request, only works if you have a CR Device
/dropweapon – Drop your weapon
/giveweapon – Give a player your weapon

Rp_selectcpmodel – Bring up the CP model choices if you’re flagged as a CP
Rp_headbob <1/0> - Toggle head bob movement
Rp_toggleholster – Toggle holstering weapon or fists
Rp_changename – Change your current character’s name (does not create a new character)
Setname - Create a new character
Rp_ramdoor – Ram a door, or you can use the Hand SWEP
Rp_loans – If you’re a CP you can check to see which players owe loans
Rp_listsaves – Lists all of your Characters
Rp_deletesave – Delete a character (put quotation marks around the name)
Rp_animslist – Get a list of all Player Animations
Rp_soundlist – Get a list of all Combine Sounds (must be a CP)
Rp_asay – Speak to an Admin


HL2 - Half-Life 2
RP – RolePlay
DM – DeathMatching
OOC - Out of Character Chat
NLR – New Life Rules
Physgun – Physics Gun
TT – Garry’s Mod Tool Gun
IC - In Character Chat
TK - Temporarily Killed
PK - Permanently Killed
RcT - Combine Recruit Temporary Unit
MPD - Combine Civil Protection Unit
CID - Combine ID number
CCH - Combine Civil Housing
ACA - Anti Civil Activity
BM - Black Market (abbreviation)
CA - City Administrator
USC- Universal Sectoral Command
CCU - Civil Commander Unit
DC - Division Commander
JW - Judgement Waiver[/release]


Metro Police Department

The MPD are here to protect civilised society. Not you. They stop any Anti-Citizens from causing any suspicious activity within a heartbeat. They scare the shit out of you. If you are ever unlucky enough to talk to one fear him as you talk.

If you wish to apply for the MPD:


The Human Race, or atleast what’s left of it; is composed of Two main groups… The two main group are the Citizens and the Loyalists. The citizens are regular people trying to survive this oppression, attempting to escape, or even the resistance hiding among the citizens. The Loyalists are the few that think the “new” world is a much better place. They are usually placed within the Civil Workers Union (CWU) to assist the MPD in any way possible.

The Resistance is highly secretive and is almost never seen. You have heard of “Rumors” about them being within your new city but have been told that its a “Cult” that gets you killed. As a brainwashed citizen you would report anything non-civil.

You do NOT apply for the Resistance, they find you.[/release]

[release]Server IP:
Slots: 20
Host: Bioservers
Located: United Kingdom
Uptime: 98.5%
Gamemode: Tacoscript 2[/release]


Rick Dark - Tacoscript 2
Waffler - Tacoscript 2 [Fixes, Edits and Awesome stuff]
Communist - Editing for community
Bonkers - Making this post and Owning
Blade - Editing and Improving Web Designs [Forums]
Junkz - Co-Owner of, Helping me with a lot of stuff
Peterrr - Web Host
Reecey - Great guy, helped our community a lot of times

And a big thanks to all of our members who made our community possible and alive, Thank you[/RELEASE]

Seems good, maybe I will try it out.

Yeah, sounds alright. I recommend you get a decent domain, it’ll make you look more professional. (Just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Tried the server, and it looks promising.
It was deserted when I joined, but the script seems fixed. Only problem I had with it was that my character was T-posed, so I guess the anims are broken.

Someone forgot to upload 2007 models.

Nope, they wasn’t T-Posed, but Legs Mod doesn’t work ‘properly’ with the script.

Why didn’t you give credit to the original author of Legs Mod?

Why doesn’t everyone credit every single addon in their server advertisement?