Aftermath - Betatest Server

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**Gamemode: **Aftermath
Uptime: 24/7
Location #1: France
Location #2: UK
**IP #1: **
**IP #2: **
**Steam Community Group: **Aftermath RPG



To see more, visit the aftermath thread.
This is the official beta-test server for my aftermath gamemode.
If you want to know more about the gamemode, you can visit this thread.

**To join the server you need the following requirements:**

• At least 2GB RAM
The resource files for the gamemode. (see below)

To get the resources for the gamemode, simply do a svn checkout on your main garrymod directory (…/Steam/SteamApps/yourusername/garrysmod/garrysmod) with this address: “”.

Make sure to remove the "aftermath-rpg" part from the checkout directory path!

If there’s a directory called “aftermath” in “…/Steam/SteamApps/yourusername/garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/”, you did it correctly.

If you are unable to join the server or have trouble with the svn, please post the precise problem in this thread.
If you have found a bug with the gamemode, you can report it by typing “!bugreport” into the chat.
If you have suggestions for the gamemode, please post them in the aftermath thread.

Make sure to check for updates on the svn repository each time before you join!

It always crashed when it’s checking my resources and the svn creates a folder in my garrysmod folder called “aftermath-rpg” :confused:

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Hurp. I just found out that you can change the directory through tortoise svn. I’m going to try that…

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It works! OH em gee I just came!
(Add the “make sure to change the directory in tortoisesvn” to the tutorial.)

I always get to about 1-2 KB, then it says some bollocks about a Bad Gateway 502 Error. I’m literally CRYING right now, HEALP!

Inb4 Copyright infringement.

It’s kind of depressing to see tons of DarkRP servers with 30 players or more, but no one ever seems to bother to try out my gamemode.
The peak within the last 7 days was 3 or 4 players last weekend, other than that the server is empty pretty much 24/7.
I’m beginning to ask myself why I’m even still working on this, considering no one seems to be interested at all.

Well, it’s gmod, what do you expect. unless it has cars, weed and a $ sign it won’t attract kids.

I was pretty attached the first day but Since i dident found anything else to do rather than Loot enemies and no more quest i kinda Stopped playing

i wouldnt mind trying your server if i could? sounds quite fun. :suicide:

I got on this morning and grinded till I hit level 13, It was a lot of fun just wish more people would play :<

I would play more but my computer is utter crap.

see the problem with me is not the gamemode but the size of the files :confused: 1.5 - 2 gb is a lot of space and will defiantly slow my computer. so why not try it like lvl 1-15 then 16 to 30. and so then you can reduce the amount of files you need to download. and one you reach lvl 16 you can remove the 1-15 files and just put in new ones. it annoying but that’s the only way i can see to play this awesome gamemode.

When the gamemode is finished, could you make a zip/rar file download? I’m unable to use svn to put the content in the garrysmod\ folder because I already did with a different gamemode.

Does anyone know the approximate file size for all this?

i’m going to reinstall gmod and re-download the aftermath svn.

3.68 GB of memory to download… Took me 12 minutes… Hmmm…

EDIT: Server went down at least 3 minutes after I connected :\

Well, it’s 2 gigs of memory, and a lot of people probably don’t have that great of computers (Source is bare bones minimum easy to run, so I’m not surprised people with shit compy’s play Gmod.)

Also, some people just don’t want to MMO. Personally, this was my argument when I asked for sandbox NPC’s. It would benefit you a lot more and more people would get those instead of playing the gamemode.

But hopefully someone will show a bit more respect.

(P.S. Obvious nod-nod wink-wink to sandbox NPC releases. I’m really hoping for them.)

I’m installing the content right now so I’ll probably be on tomorrow.

Do you actually mean you need two gigs of RAM? Or do you mean disk space?

Rename server to $$$$1^3^3^7^S^3^R^V^3^R%@#%#$$$$

Find a community to jump in bed with.

One already established, be it with childish darkrp people or not will get you the starting playerbase you need.

Using there forums you can get a decent amount of mature players to join, after that you will have a base and then more people will join.

I’m joining in 20 minutes if anyone’s up to it?