Aftermath Gamemode Storyline Ideas

I was bored, so I thought I would make this thread trying to get ideas for a backstory or storyline to the Aftermath gamemode. So here’s my idea…

Many years after the events of The Elder Scrolls, civilization has been modernizing, but the people of Nirn still did not forget their old ways of magic.
In the equivalent year of 2077, people began to notice strange phenomena. Unnatural weather patterns, strange symbols appearing on blank landscapes. By the time people were able to figure out what it all meant, it was too late.
It was on a Loredas the 22nd in Evening Star that the first dragon was sighted. They began to emerge from the mountains, wreaking havoc in their wake.
It was only a matter of time before the dragons first destroyed Tamriel, turning its once beautiful landscape into a godforsaken wasteland.
Thankfully, there were people who had seen a disaster coming, so they had constructed underground vault in case of a cataclysmic event. After the coming of the dragons, some survivors living in the wasteland were gathered into the vault and put into cryostasis in the depths of the vaults, this way that they could awaken during a time that the dragons were no more.
Due to unknown causes, you have been prematurely released from cryostasis, along with everyone else that was in the vault with you. Now you must find your way out of the vault and decide your own fate in the wasteland.
This is where Aftermath begins.

Feel free to post your ideas and see if you can come up with something better.

You forget… What about the fallout technology? Such as the laser weaponry.

Here’s my shot at it.

*The Thalmor saw their ally " The Empire" Get Crushed. In a matter of mass rage, they combined their strength, opening a rift in time and space. The Thalmor, not realizing what they had set into motion, ventured in the rift to see the Fallout Saga begin. They became interested in the technological advances, and took many of the weaponry, gear, and the vault’s elaborate blueprints. They spent years redesigning them, and ended up with super technology. But they locked the prototypes away, keeping only the smaller, weaker weapons with them. The more powerful ones were locked away for years, until they were needed again.

After a few years, they decided to let out these technological advances out to the general public, but they excluded Skyrim from this trade, due to the Stormcloak’s Victory over them. Over time they decided to rid themselves of the Stormcloak’s threat. Through all of this, they forgot the rift, and the tension brewing in the Fallout world. This would prove to be the reason of their demise.

During the Thalmor Vendetta, (The [final] war between the Stormcloaks and the Thalmor), the rift began to pulsate with dark energy. After the Thalmor’s Victory over the Stormcloaks, the rift began to grow… and grow… and grow. This is when the Ultimate Demise happened. The Fallout World Erupted in Nuclear Armageddon. The Expanding Rift now covered over Vegas, blocking all but thirteen nukes. (Mr. House Took all of the credit for this, of course.)

You were lucky. You were the only survivor. You saw it happen. You ran into a vault for shelter. You Were Frozen in Cryogenic Stasis along with many Thalmor super powers (I don’t think I need to add this, but I am talking about their leaders and such). During this time, the radiation covered the wasteland. Small animals became giant animals. Birds became dragons. Bears becaume Yao Gui. You need to fight these to win, to survive.*

Tell me if I miss anything. Please criticize my grammar.

You did quite well on this, I must admit. I did notice that you took the cryostasis element from my idea and incorporated it into yours, but that’s all right by me.


If you read the beginning of my backstory idea:

When I said many years, I really meant many years.

doesn’t elder scrolls take place in like the 29th-30th century

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

Please add backstory Ideas if you aren’t Criticizing one.

I think the questline could take an even more ridiculous direction to the point where it is a parody of itself, considering how much content from different games it includes. I suppose I could have a shot at giving a suggestion, but I wouldn’t consider myself a good writer:

*"Why the dragons were returning and how they managed to burn the world to a crisp in such short time was a complete mystery before a few years ago, when a brave adventurer left vault 34 to fight the fearsome beasts. Of course this caused an uproar in the vault, causing a failure in the maintenance department leading to a breach of radroaches and giant mantises. Now, a new group of adventurers take leave in search of their father (he had a lot of children) who once took the same path. Wherever he went, they go, fighting fearsome beasts on the road. Soon, they uncover a great discovery which caused their father to come to an halt; a massive crater left after 8 meteors, all containing 8 nukes.

This great find tells a story of an alien combine reaper attack landing on the continent of Tamriel while the war was raging. These giant projectiles landed in various parts, created great devastation, opened a rift over the land and absolutely ruined Mary Sue’s ice cream. The giant rift which was separating Tamriel opened a portal to the plane of Oblivion where Sheogorath was invading with an army of Garry clones reeking havoc and spread new addictive substances known as “chems” in limited supplies, creating fights among the traders and causing great physical and mental disabilities to users. The aftershock of the impact was felt only weeks later where the collision had waked the dragons from their sleep who then joined in the carnage. On top of that, the Thalmor was blamed for most of these events, leading to the extinction of all elves, except from the orcs who were used for experiments. The orcs later escaped, being known as super-mutants. Although, by this time, the conflict had escalated to where a change in leadership had to be established after the fall of the Thalmor, but there were still uncertainties and disagreements between the Brotherhood of Steel hailing from Skyrim and the hard working Enclave who were remains of the Empire. Of course not all took up arms in this conflict and several people fled forming a third faction; the raiders. The raiders didn’t have any leader and were separated into smaller groups fighting for themselves to survive, selling chems and slaves for the price of simple bottle caps. They did not wish for change, but wanted to keep the world as it is, in its chaotic state full of murder and theft.

In the middle of these conflicts, conspiracies and invasions, a group of brave adventurers are looking for answers and are to find a solution to put an end to the once safe continent of Tamriel being horribly molested from every angle imaginable and unimaginable. Only together they could create a better world and rebuild society stronger than ever. Using powerful tools and weapons they find on their way somehow being inside of the beasts they kill. Going together against devastating forces and impossible odds. Blessed by the gods with the most powerful ability of them all; immortality, the ability to respawn. Now they aren’t in the safe, homey environment of the vault, now they are out in the wild wasteland to face the aftermath."*

I died laughing “absolutely ruined Mary Sue’s ice cream”