Aftermath - Now with 80% more dragons

The old thread got closed due to the post limit, so here’s a new one with a bit more information.

The official beta testing has started. If you want to participate, join the [aftermath steam community group]( and read the "Download" part in this post!
**Steam Community Group: **

If you play for the first time, I recommend you join server #1 (The one running gm_atomic)


There’s no download for the whole gamemode yet, since it’s not done yet.
You can, however, download the content that you need to play on the servers:
**Link to svn repository: **
There are plenty of tutorials on how to use svn. I recommend using TortoiseSVN as client.
You’ll have to do the checkout on your main garrysmod directory ("…/Steam/SteamApps/yoursteamname/garrysmod/garrysmod/")

TortoiseSVN, as well as some other clients, will try to create a subdirectory called "aftermath-rpg" for the svn. **Make sure this does not happen:**

(Remove that part from the path)

Once you’ve made sure of that, there shouldn’t be any problems. You’re good to go when it has finished downloading the files.
The size of the svn is about 3.1GB, so make sure you have enough space for that.

The gameplay is simple. You can gain new perks and skills by leveling up. Experience is gained by killing enemies, doing quests and some other things.
You can find companions, fight boss enemies, start fights with other players or explore the wasteland and find hidden caches.
Any progress you’re making is saved periodically on the server. You can leave at any time and your characters will be exactly as you’ve left him when you rejoin. You can have a total amount of 3 different characters.
You can also travel between servers and keep your stats by using the transition points you can find on the map.

Q: Is there an estimated release date?
When it’s done. Not sure if that will ever happen.

Q: What maps will be used?
For now there’s only support for gm_atomic and aftm_apocalypse_a1 (A modified version of rp_apocalypse).

Q: Will the weapons and SNPCs be released seperately from the gamemode?
No, most likely not. The weapons wouldn’t be useable in any other gamemode anyway.

Q: Is it a third-person or first-person gamemode?
Both, you can switch between first-person and third-person just like in Fallout 3/Oblivion. (By using the scroll wheel)

Q: What games is this gamemode influenced by?
Mostly by Fallout 3 / New Vegas, however there are some elements from other games like Oblivion, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dark Messiah and Sin Episodes: Emergency

Amazing work as always, I’m suprised that the servers aren’t always full.

Not to be a dick or anything but I actually looked at your weapon system from .dua files, and I actually managed to reverse engineer it and build my own system (From scratch) based on it, it works very similarly to yours.

Keep up the fantastic work, I’ll be looking forward to this.


80% more dragons ? I hope the last 20% will be ponies :dance:

This gamemode looks amazing.

No Idea how this doesn’t get as much attention as Tiramisu and clockwork. Amazing!

and drama free…

Intense groincrushing action.

when I saw those dragons I shat my pants my penis got smaller

When will you be done!! I want to run on my server!!


the perfect gamemode that never got the attention it deserved

To be fair, it’s a large download. When I tried it a few months ago (when the gm_atomic map was still used) I found very little to do. It was grinding upon grinding with nothing else. I’m sure it’s grown since then, but it’s the reason I didn’t play as much as I wish I had. The gamemode is amazing in terms of functionality, but what I feel it really lacks is meat. Quests, factions, things that can make it much better in terms of replayability. It feels very much like Underdone in the regard that it’s fun until a certain point. I love Aftermath, but there just needs to be more sustenance.

So I’ve gotten to level 35 and have slain two dragons so far, I just wish that people would take interest and join.

I hope the snpcs are still coming to sandbox

it’s not that they aren’t interested it’s the amount of content, it really is worth it to download it but your average person will shrug it off at the 3Gig content

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? there is snpcs for sandbox?

He meant the SNPCs used in Aftermath.

From the OP.

This is probably the most effort I’ve ever seen put into a gamemode, wonderful work good sir! :smile:

I can’t connect or favourite any of the servers. I’ve tried it with and without the port included several times and it didn’t work. Am I doing anything wrong or are the servers down?

EDIT: I just joined the Steam group. Was there a whitelist?

Trying to install the beta, but how do I perform an SVN Checkout with the new TortoiseSVN? The “SVN Checkout” option wont show up

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Oh, nevermind. Got it to work!

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Oh, nevermind again, got this error trying to import

Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to
MKACTIVITY request for ‘/svn/!svn/act/405f574c-5222-0d4b-9cba-9113f892b0e2’

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nevermind again ha, i should probably stop posting.

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Fuck another error…