Aftermath PVP Fresh Wiped today 2/4 Oxide and Modded

Freshly modded and up and running right now. Server started at 7:50pm Feb 4th 2014! GOGOGO



Chicago based PvP Rust Server on a empty server and pushed to 300 slots. We paid extra for private server and upgraded hardware to ensure 100fps server side.

+Our server is running on a stand alone dedicated machine that boasts being able to handle over 400 players at one time.

+We have mods that allow us to add minerals to places on the map they aren’t normally allocated to. This will open the entire map rather than over crowding certain areas around cities and roads.

+We have the most active and available admin staff in the game. Our admins and server mods allow us to be paged, ticketed and messaged at a drop of a dime. Hacking, grieving and breaking the rules are almost a non issue and are handled extremely quickly.

+Our servers are actively moderated which allows our extremely active admins the ability to remove structures that no longer need to be part of the map.

We host a series of events and activities that others don’t:
-Arena Events
-Hunger Games Scenarios
-High Threat or High Value Targets with Bounties(Bounty Hunting)
-Death or Kill Ratio Tracked Stats
-Increased Plane Drops during peak hours
-Our server also allows us to play for weeks and months before a server wipe. Nothing is more frustrating then starting a server and having everything wipes after each update. If we wipe we allow our players to keep their learned skills/patterns for use in the fresh server.

See you in-game xD

20 people already - fun times

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so many people already

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Starting to pick up, 100% lag free, come check it out

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Here is my experience with this server. I have been on it since they launched it a few days ago pretty extensively. Per this forum post because they stated: 1. That it had just been wiped and it would not be wiped anytime in the foreseeable future (also stated this many times in game via chat spam) and 2. Because grieving and hacking would be dealt with immediately.

Now that being said, after three days of hard grinding they had to restart the server for the new updates from Oxide to be put on. So they do that and come back and 3 airdrops go down on consecutive days with roughly 20 people online. It was a glitch from the restart. So one guy starts complaining saying that he’s going to leave if they don’t fully reset the server due to too many people that are “going to have C4 now”. One other guy agrees with him, and based on this alone they reset the server. After all the advertising about it wasn’t going to happen. Needless to say over the next couple hours many regular players logged in and were pissed (verified through global chat)and never came back.

Now onto how they deal with hacking here. A friend and I had a guy show up to our house using an obvious aimbot. The guy would face away from us, and 180 snap back to us and kill us the instant we opened a door, or popped up the open staircase at the top of the house we had started building. He camped us like this for roughly two hours. Until we said screw it and logged off. Come back the next day and the guy had grief built all around our house locking us inside. I put in a ticket with this guy’s name on it and what he had done. I got a response asking if the ticket was serious the next day?? The guy logs back on later that night and the instant he got on I started PM’ing a mod telling them hey this is the guy from the ticket. He hacks hard, please watch him. He comes and finds me later and instant headshots me in the dark. I spawn at my base and the guy comes flying over that way, and instant head shots me again, in the dark. Nothing happened to the guy. Also, same day, had a guy killing me from outside my house (through the walls) while I was standing dead in the center of it. I started blowing up about it in global chat and was told I would need proof to get anything done. Then told I needed to record my play sessions. I must have missed that bullet point in their advertisement above.

The same mod was who I dealt with for all of this and his name was GTFO(something). His final words to me were that I wasn’t being helped because of my attitude. Which in the end didn’t exist to anyone until after everything I typed above happened, and nothing was done about it. When you tell me I need to provide proof of hacking, disregard my ticket, and let people continue to grief I daresay I’m not going to be too pleased about that. Maybe some of you are better men than I. Anyway this is my experience on this server. Needless to say I won’t be back on it.


In the end the only thing I’ve seen that isn’t falsely advertised by these people is that they have zero lag. To their credit it is the smoothest server I’ve seen, but it doesn’t really mean much if you get your items wiped every few days and hackers can grief you endlessly with impunity.