Same old same old, but still nice. The soldier on the right, his foot is clipping with the ground.


why is the sky grainy and why is there still random dust

your posing is good but that is about the only good thing about this

What just happened.

Sorry. I have to give you a box for that. It’s coming from something off-screen we’d guess.

Funny how it’s JUST at the bottom of the screen, and nowhere else.

Good posing, but this is getting really boring.

oh no a box!!!

i dunno if you’ve noticed, but every goddamn picture he makes has that same fucking dust. indoors, outdoors, on the bloody moon. it doesn’t matter what the setting is or what’s going on, there is always dust at the bottom.

nobody gives a fuck where it’s coming from, because he literally copy-pastes it into every picture. it looks like shit.

The town is destroyed yet people still wonder why there is dust.

Nice posing, seems a bit boring though.

Dust doesn’t float around at shin-level.

The noise seems a little excessive.

Posing is nice.

actually very specific forms of it do, but ‘debris dust’ is not one of those. ask longtime new yorkers, that shit gets everywhere and it’s not pleasant stuff.

anyway, it looks like the place has been destroyed a while - and even if it did make sense in this setting, it doesn’t in any other one he’s used it in. tsl32934ru4fn’s idea of a ‘good picture’ is a pose of three or four armed men in full battle rattle, preferably the horribly inaccurate renditions of such seen in the modern warfare games, usually with one shooting offscreen, desaturation and/or brown overlays, and smoke-brush dust. i guess since nobody’s shooting offscreen this time he might have taken some actual crit to heart, but i won’t hold my breath. baby steps.