Aftokinito is hacking again, watch on my stream.

Seems to be disabling doors on the clientside, thats what we think anyways. He can shoot and see threw doors.

currently happening as we speak, noclipped through my house to my room, took everything, camped it, aimbotted us all, most intense one man raid i’ve ever experienced

I’d like to report him

for rape

it’s a bug, it was posted here in FP a while ago.
I jsut read how to do it there :slight_smile:

it’s just a bug to noclip through someone’s house, into their room, and get headshots through doors :slight_smile:

No, it’s a bug getting some doors opened because the state of the doors (opened/closed) is not properly saved to the server.


I also want to say I never “hack” in the sense of editing the game directly or indirectly, I just dedicate my time to find bugs and have fun with them.
And considering I didn’t steal anything (all the stuff is still on that guy’s room on the chests) and how were you laughing on team speak, it looks like I was not the only one having fun.

Seems to me like you dedicate more time exploiting bugs than helping the game’s development by submitting appropriate bug reports.

What you are doing likely is not against the rules but please don’t make it look like a good deed…

I’m helpping the development of the game more than you all are.
If I submit a bug report it will probably be forgotten or skipped a lot of versions due to no one really caring.
If I abuse it till the point of Ophidion & cia calling Helk to cry, it will for sure be fixed on the next update.

I just have my ways of reporting bugs, and as I said, due to how these guys were laughing on Team Speak, it didn’t look like they weren’t having fun.

So instead of reporting the bug, you abuse it and use it to your advantage?

You’re not helping the game. You’re making it even more frustrating than it already is.

You are increasing the devs’ workload by not submitting a detailed report on the method you are using. Other players will only see the effects of your glitch abuse. It takes time until they figure out what’s going on.

But that’s what you are betting on. That’s the grace period you need to exploit the heck out of whatever bug or glitch you found. You are the type of player that won’t hesitate to use whatever means available to gain an unfair advantage over other players. I am sure that if not for the implementation of the banning system you would be merrily script-kiddieing your way through the game.

This is how actual testing is done:

No, I’m forcing Helk, Pat and Garry not to ignore the bugs but to fix them as soon as possible.
Without me, most of these bugs would pass unoticed until another person finds it and starts abusing it.

I’m also being really clear on what bug am I using.
I could just use 3-4 bugs at the same time and abuse them in a way you wouldn’t notice but instead I’m using them one by one and in a really obvious way.

I have nothing against the village guys, just that they know Helk personally (Ophidion is his friend)

Regardless of your explanation, please stop exploiting bugs. You know it’s wrong, and your exploiting has been noted.

Not sure why you keep saying he’s my friend, not sure what brought that on. He’s come into our TS, and talked to us.

if you posted these “bugs” on github and stopped using them, okay, fine.
but you keep doing it, clearly to cause problems.
it’s not like Helk ignores the bug reports

There really is no reason to grief everyone else in the game. Report the bug, that’s all that is needed.

It is not up to you to “force” the devs to do anything. You are not the developers, and you do not control how they deal with issues.

By simply exploiting it multiple times after reporting it, you just cause annoyance to the rest of the community trying to play fairly. And you claim you are exposing these bugs, cool, get some people to post the bug as well but do not keep using it. When the game goes further into development, you might just land yourself a nice permaban if you don’t stop exploiting issues in the game “for fun”.

And no, me and Helk aren’t “besties”, I don’t even know if he remembers my name. All I can say is the you should just respect the devs, and respect the players. You gain nothing from purposely abusing bugs, and the devs read the bugs after you report them. They don’t sweep them under the rug, they just prioritize things behind the scenes. I’ve helped develop games before, and people who spam the bugs through an inbox or whatever is much better than them abusing the bugs in-game.

I’m asking you, simply to stop. I don’t think that’s too much of a request.

damn, best rust player 2013

He is also #1 for most murders.