[AGC] Hardcore | Very Rare No Craft Military/C4 | Door Share | PVP | Sleeper| .5 Craft | Slower Decay | Longer Days

Welcome to the [AGC] server!

We are looking for active players to come join us on our PvP enabled server in order to build a community!

Things you should know about our server:

  • All c4/kevlar/military grade weapons are currently uncraftable (with the current exception of P250 and 9mm [subject to possible change])
  • You can only get the above drops rarely from air drops which happen daily when 4 or more players are online.
  • Zombies may drop 9mm’s, P250, and rarely the MP5A4. You are only able to craft the 9mm and P250.
  • Days are 20% longer. This gives players a better opportunity to gather materials, hunt zombies, hunt other players, wreak mischief, etc. (nights are also longer so bare that in mind).
  • Decay has been reduced (As best as possible due to server restrictions. Any advice on lowering it further would be appreciated.)
  • All PvP is allowed. You may KOS if you wish. You may also hunt KOSers.
  • Admins are active and fair. Admin abuse will not be tolerated.

That about sums it up for you. We are looking to create a place where you can’t just fly through the game, get your military weapons, kill your friends until you’re bored, and then go download a hack to make artificial fun for yourself. I am always open to suggestions and am always looking for more ways to make the server a better place to play! Please come join us and help us turn this into the greatest server Rust has to offer!

To join us press F1 in your terminal and type “net.connect

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Come check us out today!