Age of Empires 1 remake project

Hey guys,

Recently i started a small gamemode project for garrysmod, its supposed to be a remake of the original age of empires 1 + expansion, combined with some improvements!
I already started working on some buildings, for example the town center in age 2. At the moment there is no team yet, but i can work on most things (lua code, maps, models, textures, and who knows what else).
But, this gamemode is going to require alot of custom content, mostly buildings ( for example the barracks, 4 ages and 4 different building types = 16 different barracks models!) and character models (who will be around 4000 polygons, similar to the left 4 dead common infected)
So my question to you guys is, if you like Age of Empires 1, would you like to help me out with making some models for the gamemode? There is no need to spend alot of time on it every day, working at your own pace is more than enough, if you are interested you can send me a pm!

Preview Town center model! :

Thanks in advance!

Woo, AoE is awesome.

Good luck =)

Wait wait wait, you said “small gamemode project” but you require hundreds of custom models? This is not a small project- this requires a large team of dedicated modelers. There are only a handful of people here who can really model.

To reiterate, this is not a small project- it’s basically a full-on game that requires tons of time and effort. I predict it will burn out within a few months, or even sooner.

Yeah, it sounds like a big project.
Starting out by doing it “age” by “age” might be best. Updating it after each is completed.
Only one age will take much work. And there’s hundreds of different characters in AoE.
Going even more lowpoly for characters might work. Considering you’re supposed to have alot of units on-screen.

Thanks for the reply guys,

i must say that you have a point there about the scale of the gamemode :stuck_out_tongue:
But i had this idea: how about i first set up the framework, like camera movement, most important buildings, age system and all, and use placeholder models. And after that is all done i (hopefully with some help) can start filling the gaps, that way you can keep adding new stuff to it every time
I know the risk but i want to atleast give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue:

And about the performance…hmmm, yesterday i checked out some of the left 4 dead common infected and they use bone LOD instead of normal polygon LOD, they go from 40 bones up close to only 11 bones from a distance wich makes sense because animations are pretty hard to handle in large amounts

You’ve got the right idea now. That’s how games are made. They start with simple blocky models, test out if the game concept works and is enjoyable, and THEN they invest massive amounts of money and time into creating eye candy.

Holy shit you should better just release the models in gmod i don’t care about anything else its way too much to do also i played AoE 1 and expansion I really loved it.

My god, the first building looks great! Man I loved Age for Empires! One the first games I played.

Hope this does not dies.

I’m kind of new here, but I was just browsing around to see if any one had ever attempted to remake AoE (I love that game), and lo and behold, I ended up here!

Anyways, I see that you have modeling underway, which is a start. But…

Sorry to break it to you guys, but I <i>really</i> doubt that you’d be able to remake Age of Empires in Gary’s Mod. Source is a First Person Shooter engine, so it’s great for making other FPS games in. But while theoretically feasible, building an RTS with Source would require an enormous amount of work - in addition to programming the Age of Empires specific code, you’d have to build the RTS Engine practically from scratch.

What <i>is</i> feasible is to build the game off of free game engines like <a href=“”>UDK</a> (Unreal Engine 3), or with the <a href=“”>Unity Game engine</a>. I have personally had quite a lot of experience with Unity, and I would <i>highly</i> recommend it. Such a project will take quite some time and dedication, but it’s possible, and the results will definitely be worth it.

Alternatively, you could work on just modeling, texturing and animating the buildings and units, and then look for a developer to pick it up from there. I myself have been working on a RTS engine implementation in Unity, and I might be interested in joining this project - you have the art assets, and they are high quality… There are probably dozens of developers out there - both Unity and otherwise - who would love to join a project like this.

Programmers need Art Assets to make the game look good; Artists need programmers to make the game work… If you have one, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the other :wink:

hey, a few days ago i started working on some lua code and i realized that its possible, but like you said alot of work since the engine isn’t made for rts

i managed to throw this together: you can select npc’s and move them around, i also temporarily use the original age of empires hud… :stuck_out_tongue:

No problems encountered yet, but you do have to work around alot of stuff… and im a bit worried about the performance since source is getting a bit older.

So i would like to know some more about this Unity you mentioned, maybe i can send you a pm if you are interested?

And what do the other people around here think? Can garrysmod be used for a rts gamemode?


Looks great so far.

Someone already made a RTS with Source.
It’s called Half-Life Wars.

Source isn’t for first person shooters only. That’s retarded.
Hell, I think some korean developer made a MMO with it.

If I had skill, I would help. Well, now that I think about it, I could do some simple skinning…

This should be put into the Gamemode forum. That way you might get some people willing to join in.


To further prove your point…

Looks over at the “VALVe” made game that is an over the top shooter called Alien Swarms

Also, why not make this into a gamemode, and if it’s actually successful why not try making a Source mod out of what you got?

Yeah you are right! so what would be the best way to move the post to the gamemode forum without breaking the forum rules or getting double posts?


…il just make a new thread, this one can be closed i think :open_mouth:

If you want a map for this, I am THERE.

Age of Empires was my first ever game, and my favourite for a long time, I’d love to help you, I’m a mapper and here’s a few of my recent projects:

Map Experiments

Steampunk Stuff (a Current Project)

I always loved AoE, and would love to help out where I can, although I am rather busy.