Age of Empires 1 remake!

Hey guys, i recently started working on a gamemode based around Age of Empires 1 (i really love that game :P) and i was wondering if someone might be interested in helping me out!

My plan was to remake the whole game, with some improvements that came along in later games, and stuff like a melee combat system for npc’s, respawning wildlife and more small details like that. But first the most important part must be made, the framework! This means stuff like npc selecting and moving, resources, teams, relations between the teams etc.

I already made a small start with:

  • A npc selecting and moving system
  • RTS camera + controls
  • A Towncenter model

I think i left some questions unanswered, so feel free to ask them!

If you are interested you can send me a pm,
Thanks in advance!

And now some pics!
This is what i already have, you can select npc’s and move them around,
the Age of Empires hud is a placeholder

The Town center i mentioned (wip) :

I posted this in your model thread, but incase you don’t notice it:

Hey! i must say those screens look very good!
At the moment it would be great to have one map done for testing purposes, but there is no hurry at all so you can fill in when you feel like working on it, i will make sure you have the models/textures you need. oh and i sent you a pm with my steam contact info

So, being my usual, erratic self, I dropped all I was doing and started playing Age of Empires again.

I was playing for a while and then set to work seeing what resources I could extract from the game.

So far, I’ve managed to extract ALL of the sounds from the original game, in .wav format, which can be easily imported. And I found a small pack containing some of the icons for units and technologies, unfortunately not all of them yet.

I hope it can help… I loved this game, and to see it revamped would be so cool.

It would be cool if you implemented a feature where players could join in an fps view or an overview as one of the rts players. Kind of like zombie master and empire so some of your units could be real players.

Oh dude this is a badass idea.
I’ve still got the Original Age of Empires.
I really look forward to the Final product!

i remember aoe

If this is done correctly, it’ll be awesome.

Too bad you can’t put water into the Tool Age town centre like there was in the original AOE.
Oh well.
Or maybe you could.
I don’t know.

we can, and we actually have this (even animated and refracting!), anyways a new media update will be on the way!

Any chance you could reply to my PM?


btw,add new reasearch,makes it epic.

  • Hey! wasap people!, im nwbi in da forum so…

I think dat its a really good idea do the remake! seriously.
Want to fcking see a Remake of AOE 1.

So, are you still working on da proyect ? or wut :0


Sup Dawg,U St1ll in Da H00d?

I wish you great success! Nice idea.

If the game mode is finished, I throw him on my server!

It is very nice, and I love the concept, but I don’t think source networking was make for rts.

Can you make a secure for late joiners? And can you make other models? Can you make buildings more than age of empires 1 is having? Can i download it soon? I like the mode!!

Please, reply for that great person!

He could turn it into a mod.