Age of Empires Gamemode

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I sincerely apologize if you came to this thread thinking this was a finished gamemode =(

So, I know Sassilization did this a while back, but it isn’t around anymore that I am aware of. (The gamemode, not the community as a whole)
I was wondering if any of you were interested in coding for me to make this happen. Sass did a pretty good job at it, however I want to take
a different approach to this. I want to model Age of Empires a little more, but still have originality.

I have a decent handle on Hammer, so I can make maps. I also am into sound engineering and music technology, so I can make sound effects
and music for the gamemode. And I can throw some stuff in Photoshop for graphics and junk. (But if someone claims to be a PS master, please
feel free to take that position)

Anyone interested in helping me build this gamemode? I love Age of Empires and I would love to see another crack at making it for Gmod.

Here is a random thing I did to sort of set the mood.
(I am aware that I used models someone else made, I would credit anything that I use that isn’t mine. This is just a concept image)
(This is not meant to show off how the final HUD will look like, it is just something to look at while we discuss the gamemode)

This mode is meant to be playful and fun, but also gruesome and somewhat gory, ya know?

Thanks guys, I will post details of what I want done if I get a few bites.

Oh look another “Look guys I have such a GREAT AND ORIGINAL IDEA, I just have no practical skills besides mapping and sounds, but you guys can do all the hard work while I watch!”

At least say it’s an idea, but don’t try to get a team together when you yourself have no legitimate skills at all. Sounds and music can be downloaded and implemented for free off the internet, and terrain maps (as are what you’d need for AoE) are easy as fuck to make. The hard part of this is in the coding, and you would have no part in it. Get some actual skills and show us some work before trying to get a team together.

Thank you, Loriborn, for stating the obvious. I clearly don’t have any LUA skills. That is why I am looking for someone who would be interested in coding this beast of an IDEA. You’re right, it is an idea. I don’t want my name on it or anything, I just want to see another AoE style game in Gmod again.

There’s no need to burn me at the steak with the attitude man, I never claimed to have a “GREAT AND ORIGINAL IDEA.” I am just looking for someone who would want to do this for me. Instead of me learning LUA right now and making some piece of crap mode, I want someone who actually knows what they are doing. And why would I go download free sounds and music off of the internet when I can make exactly what I want here from home? Sure freesource stuff is good, but I want to go above and beyond that.

If you want me to agree, then fine. Yes I am looking for someone who will code this for me.

Is that plain enough to understand?

You should know that you’re not an ideas guy when you actually contribute something to the project. Most people that have an idea on here just tell us about the idea and then expect a team to do all the work, but he actually wants to work on it by making sounds, music, maps and graphics. And that to me, is most certainly contributing to the project. You don’t need to know Lua to work on something.

This seems like a fun idea, would you mind explaining in greater detail what exactly you have in mind for the gamemode? Will it be a standard RTS gamemode where several teams build up their towns and fight each other? What does it have to do with minges? Elaborate.

i’ll send you my old rts code if i can find it. may be useful to whoever decides to help you.

Well, I wanted to give it sort of a story, or background…

Your city or empire is called a server. You are the owner of a listen server on Gmod, and you have to build up your defenses (And offenses) to survive the attack of the Mingebags. Now, this is not an onslaught game, don’t get me wrong here. The attack of the Mingebags is simply the act of your opponent invading your server to win the game. Your job is to not only stop the Mingebags from destroying your server, but also you must invade neighboring servers with your troops in order to win.

For the gameplay itself, you start off by building a Town Centre (Now, I will probably give new names to everything to fit the theme of the gamemode) and you do everything you do in Age of Empires like Build houses, barracks, stables, churches, arsenals, walls, etc. And you also train units. The most basic unit is a Mingebag. These will function exactly how villagers work in AoE. You can build a barracks (Remember I will rename these buildings, but for the sake of explanation, I will call it by the AoE name) and train military units to fight the opponent(s). This will have sort of a cartoonish/fun style but still feel intense, invigorating, gory, and interesting enough to play for hours on end.

Oh, and thank you Lau! I would greatly appreciate it!

Alright, it seems like a fun idea. I’d love to help out in any way I can, such as the Lua and stuff regarding names/the story. Feel free to add me to steam if you’re interested.

Another little suggestion.

When starting a round/game, each server can choose a “specialization”. Well, think of it, there are Sandbox servers, DarkRP servers, Fretta servers, etc.

Sandbox servers could specialize in their own advanced mingebags.
RP servers could have a special unit called “Whiny kids”, or something like that.
Frettas could have no-lifers, some durable and skilled type of unit, but taking a lot of time to train.

Also, I could help you with Lua since GCC kind of disappointed me with the theme and I don’t have much to do.

Anyone interested in coding LUA for the cause, add me on steam (izlude8482) and we will talk more about it! Thank you guys for the support, I would love to see this come together soon. =)

I went ahead and sent you a steam invite.

Thank you guys =)

We are always looking for a 3D modeler as well =)

Hi I made the building in the background of your picture. If you did not get it from the toybox I have plenty more on there.

At the moment I am re creating things from skyrim I released my first one but I would love to help model for this project.
I don’t just model I have 4 years experience with the hammer editor for mapping I just don’t normally make maps.

PM me if your interested or tell me here or add me on steam at: alexmeek


Guess that wasn’t too appealing, sorry :v:

This is very interesting and i am very happy OP didn’t get “IDEA GUY” 'd to death.
If there is a chance you could add a nation called “Latvia” please ?

Well I have not heard from him since his last post. No idea what is going on with this. My offer to model still stands just wanting to know what is actually going on at the moment with this.

Izlude is pretty busy with some other stuff, and I don’t talk much with the other devs that are in on this, but the project is still being worked on. I’m the guy working on the actual city and unit entities and I’m in need of some models.

Just message me about any models and I will get right on it.

Sorry guys =x

I added you Alex, we can talk more about it on there. Thank you!

And Cruma, I like what I see in that video, wanna talk more about it?

What I would love to see in a rts gamemode is you not noclipping around, But a camera controlled like age of empires did.
A way I believe this could be achieved is all the players walking around a flat invisible space on top of the map and your camera is locked but the cursor is free with WASD to move.

I would love to contribute but the only thing I can do would be paying for a test server.

Hey, any helping hand is appreciated.

Add me on Steam and we can talk, however, that specific service won’t be for a while, haha.

Keep in touch.