Agent 47 from Hitman:Sniper challenge

So since Sniper challenge was released for PC is it possible to Port and rig models for Gmod? like Agent 47 heres what he looks like

Thank you for your time

I support this.

It’s unlikely that it’s going to be done. Not because nobody’s willing to do it, but he’s hard to rip and especially hard to t-pose after that in his weird sitting pose. Porting tools are also unlikely. There’s some for Blood Money which is on Glacier 1, but Sniper Challenge is Glacier 2. The tools were never updated for Kane & Lynch (the tools did work for K&L1, but by coincidence of similar file system) or Kane & Lynch 2 (which was a sort of Glacier 1.5) and I don’t think the source was released. It might be easier if the outfit is in Absolution, but that’s still over 2 months away. Might be able to get his head and bumpmaps and put it on a Kane & Lynch body or something.

I would just wait until the game is released and people have had a chance to reverse engineer it.