Agent 47 Model up for rigging

The model linked above is a 3DSMax file. It was ported from the sniper challenge by someone long ago. I’d just like it if someone would rig it to HL2’s skeleton and animations for use in Source Filmmaker. If no one’s up to it, I assume I’ll be met with silence. There’s also a silverballer gun model in there, but that’s really optional. Faceposing for 47 is also just optional, but you can go for it if you really want to.

Thanks in advance if you attempt it.

keep it in one thread.

I’m assuming that’s a no then.

It’s already been put up for grabs and already been rigged.

just one thing to add as well… never put stuff in 3ds max files… no one can use them, just stick with OBJ and FBX