Agent Badass Escapes His Persuers...

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This was quite a bit of fun to create. Isolation flew by quickly (lolpun) giving me plenty of time to edit the fun stuff. This pic actually wasn’t entirely my idea, but was suggested to me by a friend (you know who you are).

Lastly, no, this wasn’t inspired by Dark Void. If anything, I got most of my inspiration by the 1991 movie The Rocketeer (if you’ve never heard of it, go rent it some time. It’s a fun movie.)

Please compare to the original!

Notable Edits:



Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Holy balls, that is awesome. I want to see more of this.
Have a pallete.

I came…as I lol’d. Have a pallete.

Wow, looks like some comic book and the choice of thread music is great.

It’s all very great.

Smoke trails are nice, explosions are amazing as usual, I think that the tracers should be a bit larger, and the plane’s muzzle flash looks oddly shaped to me. Pose is good on Nick and on the people in the vehicle. I lol’d at Louis’ facepose even though it’s blurred a lot. And I see some isolation errors on his jetpack.

Great effects as usual. Nice shading too.

I can’t help but prefer Superscatman’s edit though, as he plays around with the lighting more than just dodging and burning and the blur on the background helps cover up the dodgy Harrier models somewhat.

Still, a great picture with a fabulously original idea.

I know this isn’t what inspired you, but the picture reminds me of the ending of the Iron Man 2 trailer.

His name fits his character, badass. Also I see louis, francis and zoey I think.

Awesome! there effect look like nice!

Such cinematic quality.

I love the reaction of Louis.

VMan does it again.

You know, man, I NEED to learn how to do effects like that.

Excellent! I love Louis’ face.

I grinned as soon as I saw this.

That is amazing as usual Vman
keep up the work

Looks like it was cut from some awesome movie with effects better than avatar.

Thats a good thing btw.

The day I learn to do explosions like that, hell will freeze over. Very impressive shit, share your secrets :c

This is how zombies came into the picture.

Nick flew over a radiation plant and the jets blew it up.

I laughed. Vman you just made my morning, nice edting though. Have a funny.

This is sweet. I love it.

The little lens flare from the rockets flame was a nice touch. You even added shading to his teeth :smiley:


and you added turbines to the engines!

We need a comic of this guy.