Agent Epic C. Win escapes exploding helicopter whilst carrying 'the package'


Original: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Steam powered helicopter?


Fuck yeah badass.

awesome edit man
can you post the original??


oh i thought you posed it on flatgrass
what map is that?

That is… that is flatgrass.

That’s awesome.

My only complaints would be:
I know the real reason the helicopter is steam-powered. :wink:
The greenscreen isolation method has left you with aliasing issues.

Rotors are very bitchy to isolate?

I call it, “laziness”. Haha but yeah, that’s the reason.

Indeed :buddy:

I like the fire on his bag strap btw. Nice detail.

Little did Yuri realize that the helicopter’s coal reserves had just run out.

Pretty sweet job, good entrance for the contest.

The blood’s a tad too vivid for my taste though.

(Also, for the helicopter rotor problem, it isn’t too difficult to draw your own. Simply make two or four thin rectangles in a cross, radial blur them to make them look like they are spinning, then stretch and skew it to fit the angle and perspective the blades had originally been at)

ahahha fucking steam powered helicopter
thats fucking golden

Oh my, his ass is gonna burst into flames, especially falling that fast :open_mouth:

It’s his tie, actually.

I like the fire on his tie, and I adore the steam-powered helicopter. The bullet holes in the glass don’t fit the wounds on the pilot though.

ahahaahahaha steam powered chopper


Those pilots look russian, or is it just me.

They are Russian.


And thanks for all the comments.