Agent hiding in an abandoned house

Posing by gtanoofa


I dunno, doesn’t seem so abandoned now.

I think he has the upper hand with the GIGN’s wearing super opaque goggles. The lighting however is pretty sexy on the GIGN

remember when you’re doing texture work that you don’t want it to change the composition of the picture. if you put mega sharp photo textures on stuff like the really brightly lit wall on the left, it’s going to draw the eye away from the actual focus of the picture - the characters. the eye is very sensitive to sharpness and light so you might want to avoid combining these two things where it doesn’t count. blur the photo textures a bit or, to compensate, sharpen and/or texture the characters too perhaps

wholely fuck

Once again… hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng…

very nice.

Nice attention to detail. :smiley: