Agent Shooting

I was practicing a bit and I think I have improved the over-all quality of things. Smoke is a bit more realistic, muzzle flash looks better. Oh, and the lighting has improved.

C&C please.

A bit too dark,there needs to be some outer glow around the muzzle flash. Posing is a bit stiff but you are definitely improving.

Yeah now that I look at it, it IS a bit dark. Anyway, thanks for the criticism.


Did I improve at all on the lighting?


Wow it’s a bit ugly when I look at it… :ohdear:

Meh, I’ll work on it.

editing looks good but that’s about it…too dark to see anything else

WOW, I am using a different computer. My moniter must be a lot brighter because this is very dark. :sigh:

Sorry guys, I suggest turning up your brightness if you really want to enjoy the picture.