Agents are GO.

I would like to request the Elite Beat Agents as either Ragdolls, or Playermodels, preferably Player Models, but Ragdolls would be fine too.

reference pic:

Funky hair styles :v:

You can’t have player models without ragdolls.

Techinically I think it could be done, but theres really no point as it would crash the game when you died most likely (also more people use ragdolls than playermodels I would have thought).

They would be cool to have as ragdolls but I don’t think there are any actual models of them in that game (or the ones that are are reeeeeally low poly) and its unlikely anyone will make them as it takes forever to model things (especially people).

If someone replaces the hair on some citizens & adds the glasses it could be done.
Then some simple reskin for the suits and tada!