Agents fighting in the house of the dead!

Music: House of The Dead theme.

YAY! Welcome back Fear :D! oh image is neat’o too

Meh. I’m going to try and do one sort of like the first level in the arcade game later today or tomorrow. Oh and plus one <3

Would never have guess. ;p

Plus one :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god that house of the dead icon is so shittily cut out and blurry.

That game was hilarious



Plus one check mark because I couldn’t find a better picture.

blood is look like red water

text is horrible as said, and blood is i dunno to red, blood should be darker

Suburbs of the dead!
like everyone else said, the blood is too thin and bright. but the text could have been darker.

Whoa, how did you get un-perma’d?

Yeah, I’m on with Vman on this one.

Just… how?!

Nice posing and camera angle but some depth-of-field would be nice. The text is pretty horrible.

Nothing great

Yay Fear is back :smile:
Picture would have been cooler without that cut out Sign.


Your back! Take out the text and your good :smiley:

Go easy on the blood brushes, by the way, and darken them much more. Looks like someone has been throwing jam around the room. Try and make them look less obviously like those over-used blood brushes too, if you can. I find the “splatter” images from this site very useful: