Aggression towards war

thumbed because scrolling to the side is apparently impossible on facepunch

Wow…Excellent Job bro.

Who the hell rated it Dumb?

Could have made the shadows darker and maybe shaded a bit.

I really like the colours and posing.

I thought Czech was good pals with the us.

Otherwise nice scenery and posing.

I’m Czech and I think we fucked up, someday, somewhere in some other universe.

Well excellent point, good sir.

I’ve seen some shit.

Kidding aside, awesome job bro, really like it.

Oh shush, somewhere someplace there’s an imperium bohemorum.

as to the picture - I like the colours.

Blue gray green i like color composishuuhn

that hind is pretty intact for creating such a impact.

Oh I see you speak in rhymes, dude :slight_smile:

And I like the picture…but theese black bars are kind of unnecessary here

Let’s just say that Hinds have very rugged frames.

premium soviet lumber

well, it’s not like a big helicopter like the Hind would explode into pieces if it crashes into a forest.