Agh Garry, What Have You Done?

After the new update I found 2 bad bugs:
The gmod awesome mod “Mount 2” Does not work now.
For some reason when ever I use a tool the adv dupe menu came up FOR EVER but its at the left side of my screen and its shrunk. Ill try to get some pictures soon.

He is trying to improve the game to preserver interest and speed, if the developers of Mount 2 would update it, it would work, actually come to think of it he did rollback luaJIT, but either way he is trying to make the game better.

Well what about the ADV dupe menu? That makes no sense

ADV Dupe menu? That’s not broken for me.

Adv dupe has been doing that for a while. If you exit a game with adv dupe out and join another, it glitches.

Another point of-


I rest my case.


Trust me, we all get a different bug.

Agh never mind I restarted steam its now working fine, But someone needs to fix mount 2.