Agony of the Reborn - A new server for all! Come be part of a new community. Active admins, no abuse

Just started a new server to escape the admin abuse and player abuse that many people were experiencing in my old server. I would like to see this server full of friendly, like-minded people who are there just to have fun and enjoy the game. There are 3 admins, who will be on at most times to ensure hackers stay off and more. We will not tolerate consistent abusive chat. Running the latest version of Oxide, and we are open for suggestions. I would like this server to be a great community for all

Open your console now by pressing F1 and type net.connect to join a brand new server

After having some troubles with Oxide and the latest steam update, I’ve decided to rename the server. For now it’s just Called North America. The IP address is the same, but the game play has changed in favor for the players. We’re now using “Rust Essentials” which gives people more opportunity to customize the way they play. I’ve banned the crafting of C4 and made Explosive unable to be researched. Meaning, when airdrops come down, YES you will get C4, yes you can find C4 off of Red Animals, but you will not be able to craft it. This gives new players somewhat of an advantage to build and get settled.

We now have 3 admins, all of which are very helpful and keep to themselves. We are here to help, not ruin your fun or ruin your day. If you need help, you’ll find one of us online at most times

Airdrops are active after 6 or more people are online, should drop around noon in game time

We’re also considering making a battleground with safezones. This will enable people to PVP in a given zone for fun, or bragging rights. PVP is allowed in all areas of the game, but this is more for our entertainment

If someone is bothering you, or you believe they might be hacking- please contact an admin, or my email is given to you through the MOTD when logging in, please email me with any information you may have