AGRP Server! DarkRP server w/ bank heists, npc missions, gangs, lots of jobs, awesome VIP perks, lots of add-ons, and more!

Is there any way to get the missing textures without buying the games that have the textures? I’m trying to join a server called AGRP, but I always have missing textures! :frowning:

No. Just buy the game(s). Also, why make the thread title look like an advertisement when you’re just asking about missing textures?

He’s probably trying to ask a question and advertise.

Yes there is, have you even tried google it?
Not going to link it since im unsure if its allowed or not

That’s called warez, and links to them are banable.

Maybe this might help


I shouldn’t have bothered posting on a 2 day old thread that is obviously advertising.