AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopter GH

Ok, Been building this for a while, I decided to build it after seeing a picture of the 1f online

2nd production model of the Ah-1 Helicopter, Used late in the vietnam war and post.

Features, an upgraded version of my combine heli’s easy control system, I was going 2 make it apply force but in the end figured I might aswell use the flight frame I already had. First and 3rd person gunner.
Sounds, really nice rotor system

hmmm I’m not really sure what else to say, ah well I’ll let the pics speak for themselves

Wtf lol
And my traditional bonus pics

Some Mungus Toad lol (Happy Bday):

Plus my mean sport, grumpy soccer

Bit wip at the moment you could argue, I may end up upgrading the weapons system + adding some nice cockpits

Lots of pics :-p but I haven’t posted a lot of them so some angles etc are missing

Btw, Any Aus/Nz players, Clearnet (Cnd) are starting up a trial gmod server, I’d love to see you there

Looks awesome, nice use of Adv.Hud Indicator.

looks good but put better material kthx

Yeah, better material plzkthx.
But it’s nice, I like all the little details.
Video plzkthxbai.

NO VID cbf lol and karbine put a mean material on it, but he forgot what it was (he has some hax material tool with all materials on it) it was ep2

Well put a mean material on it Dag.

Looking good. The only thing i would say would be to make the landing gear bigger.
But i guess its pretty close to the actual thing as it is.

Looks like totem harry is invading :-p

lol @ bonus pics what game were you playing?

:smiley: you finished it

btw i herd easter island is cool

haha that grumpy soccer game was when penis colada (ass butt) and I were on the server

also is that an at-at in spawn

Rofl my friend kayne will be very happy to hear you say that :-p

Oh my…

Look Great, p.s marky made this

This is awesome. Like really goodymchoody. You should video this shit, (ignore that if you said something about not being able to video it) Cause I really wanna see it in action like… Action.

The cockpit could use some detail but the model is good.

lewks too much like edfag the incredible tiger

thanks Haddock, We shall now make or own circle of friends, where none of those others are invited!

Better than Edberg’s.

cani join