Ah-64D Apache Longbow - Grumpy Hitler's



A couple of things made me want to make this, one the Apache in badcompany 2 and two the shitty apaches I’ve seen In gmod before.

**Note this is in Beta stage, flight sounds aren’t done and some of the flight mechanics need tweaking but I really want to post this now and get it off my shoulders (some of you know what I mean)


Fully Independant M230 30mm Auto cannon with Mouse aim and auto elevation correcting for projectile drop. I personally added many effects to the gunner system, Including a reload sound, attempting to fire while reloading, Zoom in and out sounds (it has zoom duh) and Hellfire target marking radio sound. It also has a shell emitter while firing, timed so 1 round fired has one round emmitted; and finally a cool ammo bar that ‘recharges’ while reloading, fully charging when ready to fire. Front optics yaw with weapon but do not pitch (too many constraints and effort at that time). I made this indepedent to as many variables as I could, so it won’t screw up when the seat isn’t at ang(0,0,0). Also has movement, relaod and empty fire sound effects added by me. It is clamped from -100 to 100 degrees to the helicopter in the yaw axis and -60 to 11 degrees to the helicopter in the pitch axis - these are the same restrictions on the real apache m230.

The flight system needs tweaking but currently has the same controls as badcompany 2 and similar mechanics. Has a Roll hud display which stays level with the horizon and 2 ammo displays same as the M230 (recharge effect) for the two FFAR pods (pilot fired)

The Hellfires(8) are all independent missiles which behave similar to a real one, these are fired by the gunner and track and lead targets determined by the gunner. Once fired they fly upwards depending on the targets range, then fly down onto the target and detonate. Fully sounds and trail, armed with C4. I added imperfections (tricky) so that the Hellfires will miss if bad shooting solution is givin (heli aiming wrong direction, too close, airborne target etc). Each hellfire once fired is givin an entity so all calculations are done from the hellfire itself and cannot be changed (true fire and forget). Each hellfire is selfDestructAll() 'd after detonation so they don’t float around after they have been used.

The cockpits are both based off a real apache cockpitt with obvious likeness but not exact due to scale and prop count etc. Booth pilot and gunner have hologram screens on the tv’s with map material which change every few seconds. There is space in the pilot cockpit for a Roll/Pitch Gpu or Epg.

The apache itself is as close to a scale model as you would want in gmod, with the only realy inaccuracies being the rear of the engines and the cockpits. ONLY built with Hl2:vanilla, Wire and Phx props. The rotor blades are extended with holograms (obvious if you’re looking but not if you aren’t or its inflight)

I decided not to put ‘glass’ in the cockpit because it would require far too many props and would have too many seems to look good, also it allow the gunner and pilot to use FLIR (When the gunner isn’t in firing mode when the camera is below the M230)

uses GCD for M230 and FFAR, and GCX for the C4 in the hellfire warhead. Also I use Generic Default’s FLIR when gunning.

Forgive my shitty grammar and spelling it’s 1 am and I want to goto bed lol

Pics are low res because of homo photobucket but still nice, ask if you want some higher res ones- Vid will be made hopefully when I finalise my version.

3 Hr images






Gunner View

Wire control panel :-p

I’m annoyed because it seems I didn’t take a pic of the pilot Hud with Roll bar, you’ll just have to trust me that its there.
Edit: and here it is-

Quick vid showing weapons system (Gunner)

Don’t know where my audio went.
Thanks Kunit for piloting while I was gunning


Pic showing how prefect it is (WIP duh)

another quick WIP pic

Quick little miniairship I made a while ago- balloon powered

I got bored and made some pretty patterns :-p MATHS IS COOL KIDZ

C & C much appreciated

Thanks for taking the time to load all the pics and read my ranting description

Creds: Melon & Kunit for helping me take the pics, and Kayne for sitting in many seats for me. Generic Deafult for the gcombat weapons


Edit 30mm turret also has rotation sounds with voulme based on rotation speed, easy but a very nice effect

***** NOTE this was stolen from me at a WIP stage, so if you see this around with out the gun turret or with poor/no function, it will be the stolen version

The only place you should see it spawned is on the ON3 Garry’s mod server by me (Grumpy Hitler)

Also the m230 turret now has its angles clamped so it cannot rotate out of the real angle restrictions, the weapons demo video does not have the clamping.


simple as that :buddy:

Not gonna lie… fucking hot stuff.

This could be a fucking model. Great job Hunta. The wheels suck, tho.

Great Job! That looks Great!
Ok sorry noob question right here: Why is it that when everyone builds with the phx tiles I always see them painted orange in here?

That… Is the sexiest Gmod contraption EVER.


Super flat plates?


super flat bars then


Nose is a bit stubby, wheels too big, radar thing at top has no curves and tads had a giant circle on top.

Other than that, its awesome :buddy:

Oh and those hellfires, where are the colours! D:

I pray to god that you are trying to be contemptuous for comic relief or so help me…

‘bit stubby’ is more than good enough in gmod
‘wheels too big’ they are maybe 1 inch off max
tads I agree is a bit small
‘radar on top has no curves’ 1 it does, 2 find me another prop the correct scale
‘Oh and those hellfires, where are the colours!’ you can’t be serious, oh I’ll just add minimum of 16 props for an extra 2 yellow rings on my hellfires, while we are at it, the fins have no angles

See under the radar, it curves into the rotor.

No need to be so grumpy, mr.grumpy hitler :frowning:

hot as hell man. Makes me wanna make a helo.


what annoys me is that you’re one of the people I mentioned who made me want to build this, instead of a boxy box shaped box

I sat in seats :wink:

Good job Grumpy, and lol, i just noticed, Everyone can see my uber(shit) tank in the pic. I want credit for that too ;p

Awesome heli, even though I don’t really like Apache’s :v:

But dat zeppelin…


Jesus christ, that thing is beutiful. Hat’s off to you.

I wasn’t trying to be mean :geno:

It is a very awesome heli :buddy: