"Ah, damn headaches."

I’m starting to get a headache, so i made a pose to go with it.
C&C appreciated, and please someone give me an idea for a pose.

Not bad. Nice camera angle and ragdoll-placement. The shading looks odd though and it seems like you haven’t isolated the character… he’s glowing.

Nick must love headaches.

Dammit i knew i forgot something… I forgot to add a low glow around all edges. usually when i get a headache my vision blurs, which was an effect i was going to add in lightly.

The gun looks a little out of place. I dont exactly know why

A zombie apocalypse would probably give me headaches too.

Hunters(L4D) playing leap frog!

Also, looks really nice.

Oooooh! I like that idea. I’ll see what i can make.

I first read “Damn Headcrabs”. Nice pic, good editing


First sign of becoming a zombie: Headaches.