"Ah fuck.. I hate these tunnels.. I wish we had a railcar.."

Bonus Thread Music:

Tried my hand at making a decent Metro 2033 styled screenshot.

Thinking of re-skinning the MoH guys to be even more Metro-y

Mmmm Metro 2033.

Forever Khan shall be that sexy man in my dreams.

dem singing pipes

seenging pipes

“Watch how Uncle Bourbon works.”

“HERE BITCH, these palettes are for you!”

Bourbon dies the best death in the book I tell you.

It’s so fucking funny how he dies.

You see, he is walking with Artyom in a tunnel and the dark ones start seenging in the pipes for Artyom to hear for and then all the lost souls who died and are trapped in the tunnels talked through bourbon, talking weird admirable vocabulary and Artyom was all “Beautiful, what book you hear that from?” and it goes on about with big vocabulary on the term Beautiful and then Artyom was all freaked the fuck out and flashed his flashlight in Bourbons eyes and his pupils are basically dead since hes dead… and he goes “I died.” and falls face first into the ground and then thats when Artyom goes drags his body and shoots off some rounds and Khan hears him and goes out to rescue baby Artyom.

So funny.

Bwahahaha, that’s great. I really need to just buy a copy of the book, I really want to read it. It’s like… 16 bucks on Amazon. At least it isn’t Roadside Picnic (holy fuck). I actually managed to get a copy of Roadside Picnic because our library does this thing where they can get any book from any library in the state that is on the program they run. The book ended up coming from some college a few hours away. :v:


I hope I’m not the only one who did the Captain Kirk “KAHN” yell when we found out his name…

Seengegn Paipesz.
Because nobody did it right.

Artistic for you.

Can’t say I did. :v:

Ehehehe, Criken’s Quest for Cabbage is gold. And thank you.

The camera is fisheyed, which kinda ruins the picture to be honest. Even though you’re doing FPS poses, you can still zoom in a shitload (IE deflate the head of the ragdoll and back up with the camera) to really get rid of that ugly fisheye.
The scene is pretty dull, doesn’t really fit the Metro theme that much. I mean the pipes just stop right out of nowhere, and the ground sorta folds on itself.

Posing is good, though. Hope that helped.