"Ah, Piss"

Less original angle: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_paradiseforest_v20002.jpg

Use TF2 maps for TF2 poses

I always seem to forget that.

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Thanks for the dumb fort.

anytime :slight_smile:


Please stop.

Slithersoul cannot take criticism.

Reminds me of a younger me.

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Or boxes. Whatever works.

TF2 Map is required…
Also, No lighting=(Usually) a bad looking pic. (Some badasses around here can pull it off.)

Bad angle, bad posing, bad map, empty.

I thought the jaws were made from that new polycount sniper hat till I saw the second image.

Meh. To be honest it looks like you didn’t feel like posing his legs or anything. It just looks like he’s pissed off at the croc instead of wanting to run away from it or doing something else.

Pretty awesome but the background doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the picture.

It’s okay. Could use a better map and graphics though.