Ah..Sir, You falled this gun



No sir,I’m holded my gun well. No gun falled here.

so, This gun is whose ??

Revenge is Begin

Back to serious business here,mate. You do know SFM pictures aren’t allowed here right? You post 'em in the SFM section.

:a what a fucke?

Funny, I’ve seen so many people say otherwise in the chat thread.

super transparent tactical stealth MLG

Near is end

now gun is falled, Prophet is die… heroes is rise in near end

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coming to cinema is 2015

Prophet is shoot

enemy is die

Another horrible translated thread and generic military guy pose. Everyone else’s comments are funny though.

I got a boner

Blame him for the latter, but not for the former. Not everyone is an ace with languages.

Joke is die

Nice art BTW

You failed this gun

Gun is dissapoint

No prophet you are the guns!

Im gun shoot you

and then gun is shoot

dead man

His gun jam

I granade him

Mission win