"Ah.. That goggle is very necessary..." - Soap and Soldiers are walking through sandfield



Why arent they driving the tank?

This thread makes no sense.

Trees in the middle of the desert??

Paloverdes turned brown?


Palo verde is a type of tree, translated into english it would be “Green stick” (He posted it on spanish because the original name is on spanish).

Cool pic, altho the combination of noise + that “dot” smoke is weird.

How could trees be there in the first place though?





Dont talk if you dont know bro.


Good posing and edit as usual man.

Yay for floating trees.

it’s broken.


why not

Worse still, they’re the kind of trees you’d expect to see in far colder climates. Like Canada, we have shitloads of those.

Looks pretty good, the guy up front’s face lacks expression though…

great work. but they all have tiny fucking legs. infinityward moron no talent modeler strikes again.

there is a whole team for modeling