''Ah, the Millenium Falcon...''

(It was uploaded to Filesmelt, so give it a moment)


And here is an edited version which my friend made. Please, rate each picture individually.

I made this picture instead of doing my homework, so now my computer is going to be taken away.



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your friend has a fetish for ambient occlusion

The use of burn tool or whatever equivalent in the lower picture makes no sense.
And the fact that the troopers are shooting at an inanimate ship is kinda, dumb.

Yeah, but it was the only edited version of my picture that I have and I thought I could share his excellent thing with you. It is bad, even I told him that, but I had no time to edit it myself, so he did it for me.

(I hate typing out stuff this long on my cellphone)

I really like this one, good work!

Funny, I was actually thinking that when I saw this thread…

Nice models. The map is kind of bugging me though.

It’s a scenebuild. Perhaps a bit of editing would fix it. Too bad I had no time to do so.

I just imagiend that with a hardcore narrator voice and cartoon surfer music playing…thank you XD

Oh, I thought it was a map. I guess that’s a pretty good scenebuild then. :v:

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What it needs is more shadows, it seems a little fullbright.

I was going for some shadows originally, but after using a few lamps my framerate went to shit and the shadows were really awful, so I thought the only way I could do it was just editing it. But then I was told that I had to give up the computer for a week, so I sent it to a friend and told him to edit it…

He fucked it up, and the rest is history…

What else are friends for? :v:

Not bad.