"Ah, young love, I ain't seen none o' that since the apocalypse began."

Coach: “Kinda… brings a tear to my eye…”
Bill: “Mother o’ mercy.


Different levels of blur:


Bonus image!

Pointless Facts:
-I made the bonus image on Wednesday.
-The Tank in the bonus is on his knees with one arm outstretched because he’s dying, yet is still determined to reach Ellis.
-Coach is, in fact, wiping a tear from his eye.
-Ellis is supporting Zoey, not vice versa.
-I’ve been in a romancey mood recently. :keke:
-Stupid sexy Zoey. :argh:
-Upped the brightness 25% on the main image, I don’t think it helped much. :v:
-No one has flashlights on their weapons.
-I almost wrote “websites” instead of “weapons”. :downs:
-I’m out of cannèd coke. :byodood:
-You guys are lucky you don’t get the Facebook versions of these pictures. :v:

I hate romance pictures.
Good work a little blurry tough.

Don’t get her diamonds for Christmas, get her a first aid kit.

Silly Ellis.

Someone bashed your pose in their blog.


They just can’t pose or edit good, so they have to complain, I still like this

That guy is an idiot.

I believe that the person talking about letterboxes is Domino.

Shut that bitch up! With ICE!
Like real diamonds but not!

Lol, well then I called Domino an overreacting bitch.
But anyway its true.

The posing is nice.

HAhahahahahha XD
No, I’m not talking about the Black bars, his nick is the same as in the blog as here on FP…
I just commented his blogentry, and sent him a PM about it…
I feel it was rude against the community :<

I put in black bars to take up wasted space and because borders are nice. :saddowns:

Lol, ok mate :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that some people might be mad about Fpers using black bars on all their pics but there is no need to react like that, that guy is like dead furious over nothing.

I used to do that too until I got flamed for doing so, and realised it doesnt add nothing, its better to just crop the image.

“Generic Black BarsPosted by **Guitarfreak **on December 5, 2009 – 2:38 PM
Filed under General”

His nick is GuitarFreak here on FP aswell also, his profile: http://www.facepunch.com/member.php?u=67547

Go ahead and send him hate :wink:

Why does everyone think zoey would like ellis?

Becuase they’re the same age, that’s not reason enough to like someone.

Picture is too blurry.