"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"~Vikings, the Fortress way ۞


Don’t bitch about the helmet unless you have a way to fix it.

Hurrgen durrgen :v:


Can’t you use the “ent_fire !picker setbodygroup” command to get the hats off the classes?

Nice blood by the way, but the slice through the scout’s neck is a bit too perfectly straight.

How come your tf2 models arent black?

As far as I know it doesn’t work for the soldier.


I dunno


all of my tf2 models are black too wtf is going on?

I guess I’m the lucky one :downs:

Dats sooo rasist!

Really nice one.

Does the soldier’s head gib have a hat ?

Because wih a good editing you can remove the soldier’s head with inflator, place a head gib instead and use photoshop or any good photo editor software to correct graphical problems.