AHK block please.

If any of you follow some of the Rust youtubers like CoconutB you will know that a lot of people are getting accused of scripting with a script from Auto Hot Key. This whole problem could be solved by simply blocking the programme.

I second that

Let’s see. They can block ahk. They can block mouse software like logitech, razer, bloody and oscar. But how do you prevent scripters from playing Rust if their macro saved in mouse memory? Developers and EAC will do something about scripts just give them some time.

If they block it, it’ll at least reduce the amount of scripters. Then they only have to ban the rest if they get caught. It’s probably better than not doing anything, but as you said, they are most likely going to do something about it sooner or later ;3

May I ask, what is AHK? I researched a little bit, but i couldn’t see how it relates to Rust. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject.

From what I’ve seen on Youtube it’s some sort of macro that activates the left mouse button (or whatever key is used to fire) on specific intervals so it almost negate all recoil from the Kalashnikov, as if you were just using it as a semi-auto rifle while keeping a rate of fire very similar to an automatic rifle.

So yeah, seems very cheaty to me…

So basically this script works in every game with recoil I guess.

Autohotkey is just a program that can automate mouse and keyboard inputs. There are tons of ways to do this. There are also tons of ways to combat this, such as making recoil unpredictable.

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With the way recoil works in Counter-Strike in mind, AHK just skips a hundred or so hours of experience. It’s barely cheating in my opinion.

OMG with this attitude from players when they dont even concider it cheating, is why somthing as got to be done about it even sooner

In what world does using a script that alters gameplay in your favour to get the competitive edge over the competition in an MMO not count as cheating?

That is pretty much the exact meaning of the word cheating.

“Hey man I got this aimbot script real cheap, BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! Some don’t consider it cheating because it mitigates the need for effort and training!”

agree with this.

don’t agree with this. sure, there are gradients of cheating, but using a script to negate recoil is the same as the old gamma tweaks; it breaks elements of the game intended to make your life harder, and is disrespectful to the other gamers playing with you.

it doesn’t just automate mouse input it centralises the cursor after every click. Maybe full outright bans is not the way but they definitely need to kick people every time they try to play with this running. that would be a good enough deterrent without being to harsh.

Cheating is cheating there is no acceptable level

I don’t think you consider it “legal”, but the way you described it…

This makes me think you consider it a heinous crime, whereas the end of your statement makes it sound like a misnomer. I’m just confused on what your opinion is. To me AHK users are a few tiers below aimbot script kiddies.

Looks like EAC just blocked a bunch of things in this recent update, and it has made the game unplayable for some of us. https://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/4i1tvv/cant_click_on_anything_when_i_open_rust/

Blocking mouse software has, surprisingly, made some types of mice no longer work with Rust. Gg, EAC, in your attempt to block a few of the literally infinite ways of running no-recoil scripts, you’ve blocked innocent players from using their mouse. “Mouse & Keyboard Required” will now have to be changed to “List of compatible mice that work with Rust:”

I consider it cheating, but too hard to counter and not important enough to focus on combatting it - if I were developing Rust I’d make sure there’s some random element to recoil (as in Counter-Strike) which mostly mitigates it and just leave it at that. There’s other stuff to worry about. (Besides, as I mentioned earlier, it only really “bumps up the skill level” of very new players to somewhat experienced players)

Not important enough? I’m sorry, but I don’t know what game you’ve been playing but PVP is a massive aspect to it. I have worked hard to be good at the game, but then other people can simply just download this and skip hours of practise?

Please just never post again.

Then what would you do about this?