AI-Artificial Intelligence Heli Drops AI

Hi face punch devs,

like fallout 3 Mod:Enclave Commander 090 by J3X

Maybe the Heli Will land and release Caretakers or Military AI with weapons? ect… @ Airport Only?
Robots Search the land Patrolling land marks? or destroy intruders!
Heli will still shoot at you even if it lands on ground with the Machine guns!? while its AI is unloading?
I come to rekt your well being?

just an idea!


Personally i would like it if AI enemies came down to level buildings around landmarks from time to time.

Only players that are on allot tend to block off radtowns so they should be able to defend their base as well.

I really would like to see some AI NPCs in there to add a little spice. Wouldn’t have to be anything too extreme, but watching some commandos go wreck a HyperUltraMegaBase next to the sphere would be pretty cool.

Instead of helicopters doing it, I think cargo planes should drop this bad boy.

When the timer hits zero, it explodes and a caretaker emerges from the ashes.

ohh ya Pod Drops!
Unless Its Poop drops and get rekt?

Could be a bomb? Who knows?
CTs grab yo defuse kit.

Timer Pod bombs And maybe have to disarm the bomb? any mean necessity of any means…
it will cause a wide and huge Explosion and area effect & crater ! until it dissipates back to to the original normal land condition…

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Like in the pic there! timer on it either release the havoc of AI or A Time Bomb!

lol, hope its not in a base or inside walled fenced in base??? shhh… Boom!!!


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yeah, great idea on the defuse kit! Higher tier for that, with the incoming with electric power and plants ,
and some electronic parts to make a defuse kits! and cost a lot to make!? and maybe get some of the AI Robots Parts to get some of the parts or pieces… ect…