AI E2 Taxi Car

Nicely done.

Nice e2, but crapy car.

Wiring, pretty good; looks (and they are important) awful

Something that ought to be posted in the contraptions section of, not here. Functionality isn’t the only thing that matters here, m’boy.

LOL this is funny. The amount of times you say its not fake makes me think its fake, besides, couldn’t someone else be driving it? :v:

Seriously though it is pretty cool, does it find a path through the buildings or does it move on a set path?

Set path.

Wait is it using wired vehicle controller? Damn, that thing never works for me D: Nice work on code. I did something like that once.

Thank you. I took a while, but I figured out that the steering needs to be changed quickly for the actual car to change its steering. I had to increase the interval speed of the e2 chip just so that it could steer fast enough (10ms).


Been waiting almost a week to write this (Ban & Intertube dying D:).

That is not an Aritifial Intelligence, or anywhere near it.
It drives to some preset waypoints, even if it had path finding, object avoidance it wouldn’t be anywhere near an AI, for even to mention that category.
It would need to be able to improvise situations completely on it’s own, without hard-coded actions.
Putting it on a cliff for then to have it find the way down, not just path finding, but improvisation and calculating a propper way down and in real time correcting it’s mistakes THAT would atleast be somewhat near an AI.

call it a VI.

I’d call it automatic,it works by itself but has no problem solving ability. This would much better be posted on The way I see it is
Here:Looks dominate, functions second and not AS important, just something cool.
Wiremod:We focus on functions and features. Looks are neat, but it it needs to do something cool.

If you made a taxi out of props, or decorated your jeep it would be much more acceptable here.

Get a Taxi light on the top of that thing, some lights, and a few more details and it would look a lot better than what you have just now. Add some flat yellow plates along most of the sides, or whatever you think works best.

And I agree with some of the users above me, I think these contraption threads are geared more towards looks instead of functionality. Not saying this is a bad contraption, but I think some time could go into making it look cool.

Let this die damnit.