Ai lua weapons

Okay so i just finished made a weapon with the ai coding.

I want my AI to have the ability to use my gun called “Alden’s Gun”.

I added this script to* base_npcs_weapons.lua*

I also went to garrysmod/garrysmod/scripts and added the

*weapon_alden * and ai_weapon_alden scripts.

When i start my garrys mod, going to the NPC place, i can’t find my weapon to the AI i want to use … Not even a text says “Alden’s gun”

What do i need to do? Have i done anything wrong?

Please help i’m new here.

You can’t get close to AI in Lua. You can only emulate it, and at that it’s a weak emulation.

Make sure your weapons are in the correct folders. It looks like they aren’t.

actually i got them in exactly same folders as i took them from.
I just made a new file with same codes and changed it pretty much :S