AI_Assault problem.


I can’t figure it out how to do it but here is my question.

I have metrocop and setted up everything from assault_point, assault_rally.
I have one Npc_template_maker. What i want to do is to trigger it and make the metrocop spawn and assaults the path that i made.
Tried everything with the outputs from the template_maker, or in the trigger like “Ontrigger - assault - Beginassault”
I tried this alot but still my metrcop will not run/assault to the goal/path, he just spawns from the template and doing nothing than standing there.

Any help to fix this? Thanks.

EDIT: Please anyone? I know there are alot of tuts i can look but i already did it but those tutorials will not tell you how to make them start assaulting while spawning them.
If you all don’t know what AI_assault is here have a screenshot how my assault_path looks like.

Well I’ve used ai_assaults before and ran into the same problem. No matter what I tried, the npc would not budge. However, I found a way to make them move. It’s not an obvious solution and required a lot of trial and error test compiling to figure it out. Here’s a screenshot of my setup to make it work.

Important to note is the 1 millisecond delay before actually firing the “BeginAssault” output, otherwise it won’t work. Or at least that’s how it worked for me in the past.
Also, I do not use npc_makers, I use point_templates, which might also make a difference.

Alternatively, if this still doesn’t work but you don’t exactly need the specific features the ai_assault provides you could use an aiscripted_schedule and a simple point_target, which always worked out much better in my experience. And it is faster to set up. You only need two entities (minus the info_node network that your map should already have), which have very self-explanatory properties and require almost no fiddling around with to have them work.

I just tried it and i’m very happy! changed the beginassault after a delay of seconds to 1 millisecond.
Thank you so much! Now i can make them spawn and attack the player.

Ah, wonderful! I’m glad it worked for you!