Aiden took the wrong phone.


That’s good because instead of using his phone as a hack tool to fight, he can actually fight with his phone.


He will be deflecting bullets and stuff with this phone. LOL

Try stop using LOL in evey single thing you will post, trust me, people will just destroy you for using that ,totally out of context and senselessly (makes you loose all of your seriousnes)

Trust me, I’m never serious.

Firstly, while everyone likes a laugh, posting smileys or ‘lol’ in every post doesn’t make you seem humorous or likeable to FP, we generally just see it as annoying and immature. What’s most important though is that you contribute and are a nice person, so it’s not the end of the world if people nag you about it.

If I were you, I would post this in the “don’t want to make a thread” thread, because while it’s a fun idea, it probably didn’t take very long to make.

You saved me the job of saying the same thing. :wink: