AIDS - Administrative Integrated Discipline System [Hey You. Your Admin Mod Sucks.]

This is literally the only admin mod worth using.

[ul][li]No bloat, no stupid un-needed features. You can choose which modules get used.
[/li][li]Make your own custom player administration modules with ease.
[/li][li]Support for other modules that require an interface.
[/li][li]Simple interface that works with any gamemode.
[/li][li]Doesn’t interfere with anything.
[/li][li]Support for chat commands since y’all seem to love those.




Here’s the SVN.

It comes with some basic commands, each separated into their own modules.

[/li] [li]Ban
[/li] [li]Mute
[/li] [li]Toggle Noclip on player
[/li] [li]Teleport to where you are looking
[/li] [li]Slap
[/li] [li]Slay
[/li] [li]Teleport to player
[/li] [li]Bring player to you
[/li][li]Summon the ban train
[/li] [li]Send players to the ban planet
[/li] [li]Crush players with heavy objects[/ul]
It also comes with a custom module: Chat Emotes - Let people play sounds for certain words they say.

How do i use it?

Bind a key to “aids_menu”. You need to be in the admin/superadmin usergroup in order to access it.

To use chat commands, simply type something like “!ban someguy aimbot” to ban a player named Someguy for aimbotting. Be careful, chat commands will apply actions to anyone whose name contains the string you enter as the name. You can kick everyone with the letter X in their name by typing “!kick x gtfo”. Some commands have additional parameters (check in the menu - any command with a sub-menu has parameters).

Can i make a module for this?

Yes you can, nerd. Here is the “crush people with heavy objects” module explained with comments.

local cmdname = “aids_crush” // the name of the command

if CLIENT then

local args = { { Name = "Car", Value = "models/props_vehicles/car003b_physics.mdl" }, // value can be a table as well
{ Name = "Big Crate", Value = "models/props/de_nuke/crate_large.mdl" }, // if your value is a table then it gets unpacked and sent to the server 
{ Name = "Dumpster", Value = "models/props_junk/TrashDumpster01a.mdl" },
{ Name = "Couch", Value = "models/props_c17/FurnitureCouch001a.mdl" },
{ Name = "Cannon Ball", Value = "models/props_phx/cannonball.mdl" },
{ Name = "Horse Statue", Value = "models/props_c17/statue_horse.mdl" },
{ Name = "Washing Machine", Value = "models/props_c17/FurnitureWashingmachine001a.mdl" },
{ Name = "Vending Machine", Value = "models/props_interiors/VendingMachineSoda01a.mdl" },
{ Name = "Big Fucking Yellow Thing", Value = "models/props/de_nuke/fuel_cask.mdl" } }

AIDS.RegisterCommand( "Crush", cmdname, "crush", args ) // first arg is the name to appear in the menu, second is command name, third is the chat command name, 4th is table of various args


local function CrushPlayer( ply, cmd, args )

	local target = AIDS.GetPlayer( args[1] ) // convenience function
	if target then
		local mdl = args[2]
		target:Freeze( true )
		local car = ents.Create( "prop_physics" )
		car:SetModel( mdl )
		car:SetPos( target:GetPos() + Vector( 0, 0, 500 ) )
		local phys = car:GetPhysicsObject()
		if ValidEntity( phys ) then
			phys:SetMass( 9000 )
		timer.Simple( 5, function( ent, ply ) if ValidEntity( ent ) then ent:Remove() end if ValidEntity( ply ) then ply:Freeze( false ) end end, car, target )
		AIDS.ChatPrint( { target, " was crushed to death by ", ply } ) // notify the server that someone just got flattened


AIDS.AddCommand( CrushPlayer, cmdname ) // register the command


I’ve seen this before.

Yeah it was on the old forums before we migrated. So i figured i’d make a new thread.

Also, i made some changes allowing people to send additional parameters. So you can make your module a bit more modular, i guess.

I have to say. The way you word it is awesome. Lol.

With this, people can have AIDS and yet be HAPPY about it.

Ah, mk. Cool to see it back again.

oh god
rocket ban
I’m happy with AIDS!

I like aids

Cool beans. If I ever start a server I will be sure to get AIDS.

Now i have AIDS two different places.

This is awesome. I hope I come across a server with it.

Why would you… You’re giving innocent servers’ aids :saddowns:

holy shit 71 guests viewing this page?

Is there a way to add this plugins to assmod?

aids lol

this is awesome.

You can try and plug it in your ass, you might get AIDS though…

No offense, but I really think there should be a check so that admins cannot ban/kick/anythingelse superadmins. :3

Ban train is a hilarious touch.

Oh my God thank you so much! I’ve been looking so hard for another admin mod!!!

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There just isn’t enough!!

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Variety can be a good thing.

The keyword is “can”.

I made this because there literally isn’t an admin mod out there that only focuses on being an admin mod.

All the other admin mods are bloated with useless bullshit like usergroups and whatnot. All you need to run a server is a nice interface that lets you ban and kick people.

You’re forgetting the glass house rule as well, Conna. Let’s not forget your ServerSecure mod that gave anyone named “Console” full admin on any server. You really have no say in who can and cannot make admin mods.

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Probably a good idea, i’ll add that.