AIDS - Administrative Integrated Discipline System

I’m tired of there being no simple, un-bloated admin mods that aren’t really modular.

[ul][li]The base uses less than 100 lines of code. No bloat at all.
[/li][li]Supports custom made modules. You can make your own punishments and stuff.
[/li][li]Uses admin/superadmin usergroups instead of other crap.
[/li][li]Simple interface.[/ul][/li]


It goes in the addons folder. It comes with some basic commands.

[/li][li]Teleport to player
[/li][li]Bring player to you[/ul]

Here’s some other fun modules.

This goes in addons too.

[ul][li]Summon the ban train
[/li][li]Send players to the ban planet
[/li][li]Crush players with heavy objects[/ul]

How do i use it?

Bind a key to “aids_menu”. You need to be in the admin/superadmin usergroup in order to access it.

Can i make a module for this?

Yes you can, nerd. Here is the “slap” module explained with comments.

local cmdname = “aids_slap”

if CLIENT then

local function PrintSlap( ply )

	AIDS.ChatPrint( { ply, " got slapped around." } ) -- this function just unpacks + prints a table you send it


AIDS.RegisterCommand( "Slap", cmdname, PrintSlap ) -- register this on the client. the first arg is the name to appear in the mouse menu, the second arg is the command name, the third arg is a function to call on the client when you click


local function SlapPlayer( ply, cmd, args )

	local target = AIDS.GetPlayer( args[1] ) -- this gets the player and does validity check for you
	if target then
		target:EmitSound( "Player.FallDamage" )
		target:SetVelocity( Vector( math.random( -250, 250 ), math.random( -250, 250 ), 500 ) )


AIDS.AddCommand( SlapPlayer, cmdname ) -- This is basically the same as concommand.add but it does all the admin checking and shit for you so it's easier to code


The download page descript says FP THREAD: with no link. Also the ban train is very creative.

ban train was jetboom’s shit from gmod9 so yeah you can thank him for the concept.

If it doesn’t ban instantly after the ban train shows up, I suggest it should hook to the player’s disconnect to ban him, otherwise he would disconnect when he sees the train.

Why not make the ban train hit the player, and then he will disconnect?

Of all names, why name it AIDS?

For the lulz, of course! :smiley:

Yeah but the ban train might be going 99999999999 MPH ownage, so they wouldn’t have time to disconnect lol.

Added a few more functions that could be useful.

Also added a new “fun” module.

I think you can fix that by banning before kicking


Press button> ban player > send train > train kills player > wait > kick

so even if they leave, they are already banned.

How do you add bots to garrys mod?

Cool addon, I gonna test it out. :smile:

Bot “number”


Made my day.

Damn it.

Unknown command: aids_menu

What now? I am in superadmin rank.

sounds like you didn’t install it properly.

is it in addons? you may have to restart gmod if you had it running when you put it in.

I think I installed it correctly. aids, aids_basics (or something like that) and aids_fun folders are on addons.

And the server wasn’t runing… I think. Let me try restarting it.


No, still same thing. Do I have to install it in my garrysmod folder as well? Usually you don’t need to.

restart your gmod.

make sure you put them in the addons folder before you restart.

I’m gonna make a video for the ban train.

Okay, Done it.

Dude! Sweet aids. No really though this isn’t a full-blown Admin mod is it? will it interfere with ULX ?

i doubt this will interfere with anything at all but it would be a bit redundant to use this along with ULX or any other admin mod.