Aim Assist


I’ve been loving the game so far, thanks a ton.

I’ve been playing FPS games forever (Halo, Battlefield, COD, CS etc). Since I started playing rust, I noticed there was something different about the shooting. I couldn’t put my finger on why it felt different, until now. This is the first game that doesn’t have ANY sort of aim assistance…and it feels really weird. I think it would result in a more consistent combat experience, something I think we could all enjoy.

I also think that the ability to see player names above their heads would be awesome.

it doesn’t have aim assist because it’s a pc game

this is not cod where you have aim assist Bf nor cs has aim assist So wtf are you talkin about Lol! Tripping Learn to get used to aiming YOURSELF!

You have this wonderful tool called a mouse, use it.

Lmao I’ve never used aim assist. Which means I’ve never played on a console. Learn to aim with a mouse. It’s not at all hard.

None of those games you posted have aim assist on the PC versions.

No self-respecting PC shooter has aim assist.
The reason console (and mobile) shooters almost universally feature aim assist is because aiming precisely with a thumbstick is difficult for a majority of players. So it’s there to assist an otherwise very imprecise method of aiming.
PCs however use mice for input, which are a significantly more precise method of aiming, thus aim assist is not needed.

There doesn’t need aim assist, if there was it would ruin the game, and add auto aiming abilities.
If you can’t point and click a mouse to shoot a gun, then Rust isn’t for you. I suggest quitting and get a refund.

There is something strange about shooting though I don’t believe that aim assist is the answer. If you have ever watched closely you shoot tracers, which means you can see your bullets. I have noticed in deed this is a very good feature though the tracers are not exactly correct, they tend to show them hitting the target, but the target is not actually getting hit. I think this should be tweaked a tad.

It’s the recoil that feels different. In games such as CS and BF when you fire a shot you get the recoil but then the gun/crosshair returns to where it started. In Rust the recoil takes your aim up as it should but it then stays there.

Well only if your directly looking at them and you can see them.