Aim down sight (ADS) Mouse sensitivity?

Was just wondering if anyone else would like to see this option in the future. Personally, I think having the ability to change the ADS sensitivity is a huge customisation. I’d like my ADS a little faster than the current default setting, and I’m sure there are others who prefer faster or slower ADS settings. Thoughts?

Agreed this would really help mine, and plenty others aim.

It’s the animation.

This is where having a mouse where you can set the sensitivity comes in handy…

Thats a feature I have too, but I don’t really want to be forced into altering my mouse sensitivity every time I jump from one game to the next :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a good work-around for sure, but I’d like an ingame solution.

The animation speed is driven by the ADS speed, not the other way around.

edit: If you’re not aware of how it works, why would you even make the assertion? Let alone rate a reply saying how it does work.