AIM in gmod?

Is there anyway to get AOL Instant Messenger into gmod? I’ve just started using it, now I use it alot, and I need a way to talk to people in-game without using steam. Any ideas?

Start gmod with the -windowed tag,

how so?

  1. Right click gmod
  2. Properties
  3. Set Launch Options
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

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I’ll code it up once I start playing with LuaSocket again. I began working on it, but I got lazy. To make it easy for me to code, you’d run a program to connect to your account then sign on gmod. Which most people wouldn’t want to do.

Xfire recently incorporated AIM and MSN support, i just started using it a few days ago, and already uninstalled pidgin, i love it.

Doesnt work for some resolutions. I hate windowed mode, yet I need it alot of the time.

use “-sw -noborder” this will start in windowed mode(-sw) and have no border(-noborder). This means you can have your original screen resolution, making it look fullscreen, but you can alt+tab easily because it’s actually windowed.

Have my babies.

Where do I put those commands?

Death to this thread (Yes, I know I spelled it “Boarder”).

You guys are lucky. You have a screen resolution that supports that ;(

what, are you using 640x480?

Ill check.

1440 x 900. If I add noborder on with the windowed mode, It looks exactly the same as normal windowed mode.

I have 1440 x 900.
I run gmod in a window.
The trick is to go to your video settings, and choose a slightly smaller resolution to your screen.
I actually run it in a bordered window at 1024x768, because it’s easier to have it small and moveable when I’m doing luas, but you can run it at 1280x800 with no trouble.
I personally dislike noborder, as it means I can’t move the window, but that’s just me.

Same here Lexic, The main issue I had was fullscreen on Windows 7. It always pushed the title bar, I usually just keep it as far up, but I found a nifty checkbox to disable pushing it. :smiley: So it’s like no border, but I can move it :slight_smile:

I have 1440x900 and I run my Garry’s Mod in 1440x900 windowed with no border. Looks just like fullscreen, but with all the alt-tabbing ease of windowed.

Strange. Ill try it again. - Look what it does to me.

Oh and for all of you saying “Just tab over” I’m sure he knows about this. He wants a lua alternative. So let’s stop with the windowed mode now, and talk about the lua method of using AIM.

that happens to me, but I’m fine with it.