Aimable Aug For CS:S

So I am Requesting An Aug Similar To This Aimable M4 Have Tried To Search Over The Web But I Am Unable To Find Anything Like It… Well This Aimable M4 Animation Did Replace The Silencer One,
But Is It Possible To Use The Aiming Throw Ironsight (Red Dot Sight, etc…) Animation On Aug Too?

I Checked The Aug’s View Model But There Seemed No Special Animation For The Aug’s Zoom Where You Get Slightly Better Accuracy…
So Is It Any Way Possible To Do This Kind Of Port (Well Whatever You Would Call It idk…). Even If You Would Use The Original Model Itself,
Would It Still Be Possible?

Just A Question/Request…

I don’t think it’s possible unless you do it for the M4 because there’s no second animation for the AUG.

You don’t need to Capitalize Every Word, either.

oh damn…
well any other weapon where you could do this kind of thing? i don’t actually remember at the moment…

M4 and USP

Have you tried this?

That is for Garry’s Mod and that doesn’t work on CS:S

Srry misread the title :S