Aimbot Help?

Hey I have a working aimbot that i coded but when i aimbot it shakes or something like that. Its hard to explain all i can say is that my screen shakes like theres an earthquake going on! Please help or something

Either remove the line with in it…

Or give us some code so we can actually help.

Well i’d rather not share code just because im afraid some skiddie will steal it turn it into some script and call it his own. Btw i dont have anything similar to util.ScreenShake.

You expect us to help you without knowing what the problem is, also you seem rather new to lua so I don’t think that some skidde will take your aimbot, they all use faphack or some similar shit anyway.

Whe have FapHack we have cracked bacenbot and the source of sethhack on these forums
why would we want your code? (That’s not even working)

Just post The code if you want any help

If you are updating the player’s aim via the CreateMove hook then screen jerking is expected. To combat this, also update the player’s eye angles in the HUDPaint hook and the view should be as smooth as possible.

Where are you updating the player’s eye angles and with what function?

You really don’t need to see his code considering there are like 3 ways to make an aimbot and they’re all pretty simple. We do need information on where he is updating the player’s aim however.

Please read the sticky before posting. We have a Lua “Questions” subforum.

The answer: Don’t make an aimbot. Don’t use an aimbot.