Aimbot SWEPs

Download on Workshop


  • 357
  • 57
  • awp
  • ak
  • deagel
  • hl2 pistol
  • 1000 shots hl2 shotgun
  • aug
  • crossbow
  • RPG
  • knife
  • m4a1
  • Physicgun
  • css shotgun
  • elite
  • m249

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Craptasket))

how the hell can you have a aimbot physics gun, and whats a 57?

57 = Five-Seven.

It’s a pistol in Counter-Strike.

57 it the pistol from css AKA FN Five-seven

thats an obtuse way of saying it but whatever. also, how does a physics gun aimbot work.

try download it and then you can see…

i just watched the video instead. its just a fast firing gravity gun.

Well, nice job.

Not to seem rude but…Who will actually use this?

you could all ways give them to a bot on your server and see everybody get fucked up